6 Ways to Make Your Relationship More Interesting

If you want your relationship with your guy to last, you need to keep things fresh and interesting. Create a dynamic, fun, and interesting relationship with your man today. Check out these six tips to spice things up.  

1.)    Don’t spend every waking minute together.

The first thing you do when you get out of class, when you get off work, and when you come home from yoga is…see your man. Why? If you two get bored of each other, this is the reason. Ever heard of the phrase, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”? There is truth to it. All relationships need space and balance. You need time to be by yourself and to grow. When you make your boyfriend the center of your existence, your priorities shift into co-dependency territory. Yes, you like each other, or maybe you’re in luvvvv, but don't over-do it. Your life will flourish when you have other outlets outside of your relationship, and, yes, this will help your relationships as well.  Score! 

2.)    Text each other pictures instead of snapchatting.

Before you think I’m super-scandalous, I’m not talking about nudes. That’s a different topic altogether! By nature, Snapchat is very impersonal. You can send the same selfie of you at the gym to multiple people. So, when your guy receives it, he probably doesn’t feel very special. “Oh, she probably sent this pic to ten other people. But, it doesn’t matter because I’m her boyfriend.” Share photos via text, instead of using an app that doesn’t allow for the best kind of interaction to spice up your relationship. You know what I mean… Plus, chances are your non-Snapchat selfies are a lot more flattering. The photos you share don’t even have to be cute pics of you while you’re casually studying in the library with a red lip. Photos of your pets, meal at a restaurant, a beautiful view, or whatever you’re into is chill.

3.) Talk on the phone.

Texting has completely changed flirting. Therefore, it changed relationships, too. Nowadays, talking on the phone is almost like this intimate thing that is awkward and scary for many within our generation. We text each other, instead. There’s little comparison in terms of how far you can go into emotional depth via text and on the phone. Aside from emotional depth, you can actually hear his laughter. Nice, right? So, have a balance between the two.Texting is good for busy people because you can respond at any time. Still, there should be some time set in your schedule for a phone call or two each week. Your bond will grow this way. You’ll feel more connected and there will be less information lost in the translation of a text message. Texting is fine for when calling is not an option, and for entertainment and logistical purposes. 


4.)    Make real dates a priority.

You’ve been watching Netflix with your boyfriend a lot lately. You’ve been watching your boyfriend do his laundry a lot lately. You’ve been going to Harris Teeter with your boyfriend a lot lately. It’s awesome if two can have a great time while partaking in mundane activities. You just can’t have these little events count as a date. Make sure he knows this, too. Take advantage of the outlets D.C. has to offer, and do something fun and special. It doesn’t even have to be expensive- just be out and about together. Make sure you both make an attempt to look cute.

5.)    Put effort into your appearance.

Sometimes when you feel so comfortable around someone, you nix the lip gloss, mascara, and any hip jewelry because you know they love the real you. Even if you usually work the natural beauty look, try to glam up every once and a while. He’ll appreciate those little things and see you as even more of a goddess. Guys love when you can look good in jeans and a tee shirt and they can still live with the satisfaction in knowing their lady can walk in heels. Aside from what he’ll think, it’ll make you feel good, too.

6.)    Resist the temptation to make it about YOU. 

Constantly talking about yourself and your own life with your guy is a bad move.  Let's face it. He doesn’t want to hear the petty details about some argument you got into with a friend. He’d rather talk about his own life than hear you vent. So, ask him about it.  Chances are you will not bore him at all.  In fact, most guys like talking about themselves - and they will find YOU more appealing and interesting because you ask about him about HIS life.  By not making it about you, you also retain a bit of mystery that he might want to explore.  Catch!

Remember, if you want to stay together, you have to keep things fresh and interesting for each other.  The more effort you put into doing so, the more likely your relationships will be happy and rewarding.  Good luck!

Twitter: @julitacardenas