5 Positive Thoughts to Have on Valentine's Day

Did Valentine’s Day creep up on you this year?  Were you not paying attention?  If so, it generally happens when you’re not in a relationship.  If that’s you, that’s okay!

One of the reasons I write about dating and relationships so much on Her Campus is because this is a timeless part of the human experience for all of us. I believe success in dating and relationships starts with a belief that you are worthy of love. Without that belief, you will not find love; with that belief, you will!  In short, make your life your own Valentine.

No matter what is going on in your life – and there are moments of sadness and times of tragedy – there are always wonderful people and things going on in your life.  Stay focused on these people and things!

In that vein, here are 5 positive things to think about on Valentine’s Day for the single and the taken:

1) Life is beautiful, and love is beautiful.

Be passionate about life, follow your dreams, and appreciate those who love you. Never take anyone who truly loves you for granted. If you are in a relationship on Valentine’s Day, whether they are here or abroad, be thankful. If you have friends who care about you and support you, be thankful. If you have positive family ties, be thankful. If you work hard and stay humble, appreciate yourself and love yourself! Be thankful.

2) Standards are always worth having. Expectations are tricky.

Aiming realistically high works well in life -- your career, your education, and yes, relationships. Why aim “realistically” high?  Because perfection is rarely part of the human order, certainly not in relationships.  But if you carry yourself with super-awesome standards, chances are you will attract another superbly-awesome human in your life.

3) If you are a class act, you should date a class act.

Classy ladies should date classy guys! There is so much importance in finding like-minded people you are compatible with, and not wasting your time around someone who is beneath your roots. Any guy who is worth dating will respect you and treat you like a treasure. Do not settle for someone who does not appreciate you! 

4) Guys come and go, but if you keep believing, you will find the keeper!

Relationships in college can be flaky and immature, but you will find someone who is worthy of what you have to offer!  Be patient and understanding of your times.  College is the source of a lot of crazy dating stories. Clearly, this makes your life more interesting, but it can be frustrating (of course!)  Don’t get down!  If you believe you will find love, this is what will come to you. Law of attraction anyone? When negative thoughts become attitudes, your life will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  So, stay positive!

5) Someone special is always worth waiting for.

The more I put into all of my relationships, the more I learn about how extraordinary some people are – this inspires me and makes me confident that I will find someone special.  The journeys of our love lives often have ups and downs, uncertainties, passion, and heartbreak, but if the pursuit is worth it to you – it is always exciting.  Make the effort to connect with others!  And if you are in a relationship that is “stuck”, figure out ways to break up the patterns that got it “stuck” – and, if that does not work, MOVE ON! All of us know someone who is stuck in a relationship that is not good for them! It is better to be single than to be with someone who is not passionate, growing, and exploring life.