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Your Spring 2018 Style Guide: 6 Staples To Add To Your Wardrobe

Hello ladies! If you’re tired of the cold weather, fear not! Spring is near and there’s no better way to attract spring ~vibes~ than to update our closets.  

Here are some ideas for new additions to your wardrobe that will surely be in this spring!

1. A Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are back and better than ever! Whether you’re having a casual day out or hitting the clubs with your girlfriends, a stylish fanny pack is an absolute must. Not to mention, all of its pockets come in handy for all of your necessities!  

2. A Touch of Lavender

Lavender is rumored to be the color of the season, so whether you choose to showcase it through accessories, make-up, nail polish or garments, don’t me afraid to show it off!

3. A Rubber Raincoat  

You know what they say: April showers bring May flowers! And why not look cute while staying dry, am I right? Rubber is coming back in the fashion world, so keep an eye out and prepare by adding a rubber raincoat to your wardrobe selection!

4. A Basic White Tank

If you don’t already own this, get with the program, girl! A basic white tank can be worn for any occasion and will without a doubt save your day when you’re scrambling to put an outfit together.  

5. A Straw Hat

Cover up from the sunrays with a straw hat! It makes for a fab accessory and also doubles as extra sun protection. Get it for the spring and you’ll be one step ahead for your summer vacay!

6. Anything with Fringes

Fringes are back and here to stay! Channel your inner Great Gatsby and rock this style on a purse like the one pictured above, on fringe earrings or anything else you may be feeling! Be bold and try it out.

Happy shopping!

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