Your Social Media Guide to a "Bomb-A** Summer, as Told by Instagram

Summer is fast approaching, which means there is going to be plenty of time to use every day as an opportunity to seize the day, “do you,” laugh until you cry and make memories with the people you love.

But as entertaining as those summer anecdotes can be when catching up at the start of the school year, there is nothing like a photograph to really paint a picture.

So here are a few notes taken from Instagram royalty, guaranteed to make sure your social media is up to par with how great your season really was.  

1.   Get nostalgic

Throwback pictures are always a fun time, but as Tyler Posey can see, sometimes recreating your childhood is even better. Next time you find yourself munching on a lunchable or fussing with tricycles in the Target aisle, emulate the Teen Wolf star’s “fluffer nutter photo” with a throwback of your own.

2. Bring in Family Ties

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Sibling’s Day are all great. But really, any time is the perfect time to put fam on the gram. Videotaping pranks on your little brother or posting old pictures of your parents when they first met are great ways to put your loved ones on blast (in a good way).   

3.   Conquer the Outdoors

Rule #1: Nature makes everything better, no matter what. Whether you are vacationing in the Mediterranean or just laying out in the front yard, make use of all the sunshine, flowers, water and beaches this summer when uploading pictures. When it comes to time off from school, scenery is already half the beauty.  

4.   Crack a joke

A sense of humor never hurt anybody, and c’mon: you probably spend countless hours giggling at election sound dubs and trending memes, anyway. So why not create your own like Bella Thorne?

5.   Sweat the Small Stuff

Granted Vanessa Hudgens already has a pretty exciting life, but even on chill days, she manages to make lounging on the couch look like the best time. Take note by striking a sassy pose when bonding with friends for just a little extra something to those normal days spent inside.

6.   Present the Journey

Many will show you the best of times, but expressing all the work that goes into a happy ending is important, too. They may not be the most glamorous of times, but quick “selfies” at work, in the garden, or during break at the gym can make the ordinary seem extraordinary.  

7.   Work Your Angles

“Selfies” are awesome, but positioning your phone at the same upward angle to the right every single time gets boring to look at after awhile. Try experimenting with different poses and camera placements so you can get out of the box like Zoe Kravitz here.