The Year in Review: Top 7 Moments at UMD in 2015-2016

With the school year coming to an end, it is saddening to think that we will be gone for the next few months. It has been an action packed year in College Park, filled with events ranging from athletes becoming celebrities to being stuck in a blizzard. Here is a look at some of the biggest moments:

1. We fired our football coach mid-season

Six games into the 2015-16-football season, the university made a drastic decision to nix Randy Edsall, who led the Terrapins to a depressing 22-34 record with 10-24 in conference.

2. Women rocked it at Technica

An all-ladies hackathon hit Maryland’s campus in November, making Technica one of a handful in the entire country. For 24 hours, women from universities around the country showed off their computer and engineering skills, creating a wide array of different projects.

3. Snowstorm Jonas

At the beginning of spring semester, snowstorm Jonas dumped a foot of snow onto campus. The first two days of classes were cancelled and the third delayed.

4. Terps go to the Sweet 16

Our men’s basketball team went to the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Basketball Tournament this March. Terps fell to #1 seed Kansas, 79-63. It was the first Sweet 16 game for the Terps in 13 years.

5. “Running Man Challenge” on Ellen

Men’s basketball players Jared Nickens and Jaylen Brantley became Internet sensations after a few Instagram posts of Nickens’ and Brantley’s went viral. They feature the duo doing the “running man” dance to the ‘90s song “My Boo” by Ghost Town DJ.  

6. Pan Flute Guy

I have never seen UMD students rally behind one person quite like they rallied behind the Pan Flute Guy. Brian Sengelaub relaxed students outside of McKeldin with his majestic tunes this past year.

7. A Flash Mob For the Record Books

The most epic moment of this past year was the flash mob that the student section performed in February. It has become a staple at basketball games, and it has become the game to be at every season.