The Emotional Stages of Watching Maryland Basketball Games

Maryland basketball acts much like the weather, unpredictable and can change in a heartbeat. It is painful, frustrating, and quite frankly annoying, but we live for the rush.

With each missed three (really not our strong suit) and swooshed free throw (thanks Melo), the team sends me on an emotional roller coaster. Maryland prides itself on being a ‘second half team’ and that comes with its own issues – do they even realize what they put us through? So selfish of them.

These are the emotions every Terps fan goes through every single game

1.      You roll up into Xfinity with 18,000 of your closest friends feeling great and ready to go.

2.      The team runs out during the pregame hype show.

3.      And Melo passes the ball to Sulaimon for the three...

4.      ...Then the other team somehow scores.

5.      The other team is winning at the end of the half but we secretly know we are about to crush them.

6.      But we're in complete denial that we might be losing.

7.      But then the  flag comes down and it’s a total party underneath.

8.      Sitting 20 points down with 5 minutes still on the clock....

9.      One annoying opposing fan yells during the silence of a Maryland free throw.

10.  Then Diamond Stone hits the sick dunk to push the Terps ahead.

11.  And out of no where, Varun comes in and kills it!

12.  Clutching a win by less than 10 points in the last few minutes of the game, we call it another win.

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In Terps we trust!