This Winter Break: Sites to Get You Off the Couch and onto Great Experiences


Winter break is only a week away, but we haven’t been able to make plans because we’ve been too busy writing papers and studying for finals. Or, at least, we’ve been trying to study. We all know how it works. It’s all right though because this isn’t just any article you’re wasting you’re time on, this is one that’ll make your break unforgettable!

Party Earth

This entertainment company provides users with up to date information on places and events going on around them. Party Earth currently covers 19 cities including Washington D.C. Once you pick your city, you can narrow down by choosing a category. The categories include bars, clubs, concerts, date ideas, free things to do, parties, and many more. If there is a certain area in a city you would like to visit, you have the option to pick neighborhoods around. There is a description of the area along with places you can visit and activities you can do.

You select one of the four reviewers that is most like you to help find what you are looking for. The reviewers are Lucas the pubcrawling guy, Adrianna the cosmopolitan girl, Jonah the easygoing guy and Emma the girl next door. Each reviewer provides advice, ratings, and recommendations on activities and places that will interest you. You can also make lists of events you’d like to attend or places you’d like to go. Along with this, users have the option of buying tickets to events directly from the Party Earth website.

Senior journalism and French double major Harper Wayne worked as a junior copywriting intern at Party Earth for class credit and had her articles published on Huffington Post. She covered areas such as Los Angeles, Boston and Washington D.C.

“I needed an internship for JOUR399 credit and party earth is based near my house in LA. I also thought it would be fun to write about nightlife. Party Earth is completely one of its kind, and makes finding something to do easier than ever,” Wayne said.

LivingSocial & Groupon

Who likes spending as little money as possible while still having a great time? I know I do! LivingSocial and Groupon offer you deals around your area on almost anything. You simply search what you want and the area you are in. With all the categories to choose from, there are deals for every type of person. Food lovers, gym rats, beauty queens and more. These local marketplaces have savings that can go above 50%, and Groupon even has free daily coupons. My favorite deal? A $70 value of two weeks of unlimited boxing and kickboxing classes for only $19! Sign me up!

Senior government and politics major Dinko Miljkovic relies on LivingSocial to find new, interesting places to visit or eat at for a great price.

“LivingSocial is a great resource because it introduces people to a wide range of social settings while still allowing them to retain their privacy and remain in their comfort area through the ability of picking which activities they attend,” Miljkovic said.


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I could spend all day eating. The routine of salads for lunch and wraps for dinner at school became very old very quickly. There was no way around diner food while at school, but with break coming up, it’s no longer a problem. Zagat helps me find good food places around my area, and around 43 other areas, so I can have good quality food. I love trying out different foods but I don’t like wasting money on bad food. However, I don’t have to worry about that because I can check the reviews and ratings from other customers. Do you want delicious tasting Italian food that while it doesn’t quite level up to the way your mom makes it, is almost there? Look on Zagat, I guarantee you’ll find it.

Freshman biology major Cecilia Nguyen says she will be taking advantage of being able to eat foods that are not from the diner.

“I’m a big food person, but I never really got to eat good food at school. Zagat is going to be my go to website over break because I plan on catching up on all the food I’ve been missing out on,” Nguyen said.

I have only one concern.

Do they take diner points?