Why Losing Touch is Easy and Reconnecting is Hard

We get so wrapped up in our own world sometimes we forget our family and friends. We lose touch with them and months go by before we realize we miss them.

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With instant connectivity through our screens and social media everpresent in our daily lives, it feels like we are always ‘in touch’ with the people we care about. It’s easy to pull up our snap map to check where our friends are on campus. It’s simple to send a text or face time. So why is losing touch still so easy? 

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Because of how easily accessible people are, we take them for granted. Their time and efforts often go unnoticed in the sea of stories, tweets, and most of all the deep thoughts that drown them out. From my experience in college, I see people get so wrapped up in academics, social life and sleep that just stopping to ask someone “how are you” go over their head. I know that ignorance doesn’t stem from not caring, but from being afraid to make an effort to reconnect.

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I’ve learned that no matter how much time passes, my relationships with the people I care about most haven’t changed. Just making the first step and reconnecting after a long period of time is scary. Often times I wonder what I should say because I’m afraid it’ll be weird. But honestly, I don’t think there is any right way to reconnect with someone you lost touch with except just to do it.

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Here are some things I think about when I try to reconnect with a friend I lost touch with:

1. Reach out and be straight forward

There’s nothing wrong with sending a text and telling them how much you’ve missed them or that you haven’t forgotten them. You will know if they are a true friend with they respond and want to make an effort too.

2. Make them laugh

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Send them a little gif or a funny picture just to steam off the tension if there is any. Keep in mind that you don’t want your friend to feel any pressure or guilt for not having been in touch either. 

3. Set a date and make a plan

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Last but not least, mark your calendars! It’s never too late to grab a coffee or a quick bite to eat. 

Seeing a friend and reconnecting will always be a good time, so we can keep that mentality and try to make an effort to be present in their lives.