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Where The Terps Spent Winter Break

UMD’s winter break is notorious for being ridiculously long. Some Terps describe it as boring and uneventful, while others travel near and far. From New York to China, Terps have left their mark and made a difference. Here are just a few places we have traveled this winter break and what fellow Terps had to say about it.


It’s known for its gorgeous beaches and exciting scuba diving and snorkeling adventures. The weather is known to be sunny and 75, and the people are friendly as can be. Graduate student, Ricki Lander, says that her favorite place to go this winter break was Aruba because “it was nice to get away from the snow and was the most relaxing place I have been to.” She definitely recommends it, and I’m sure we will all be in need of some nice weather the first week back from that crazy blizzard.


Many Terps travel on Birthright, a free 10-day trip for Jewish young adults who’ve never been to the Holy Land,  during this time of year. Although Israel is a bit chilly, our break gives us a chance to spend multiple weeks exploring this land–which is full of culture and good hummus! Rachel Kastil, a sophomore communications major, says that her favorite place to visit in Israel was Masada because “it was a challenge, and it felt amazing and accomplishing once we got to the top.” If you haven’t been to Israel, you’re missing out! But I suggest going next winter break since temperatures in the summer are known to reach the mid 90’s!


Southeast Asia was a popular destination this year for Terps in the Business Scholars Program since their professor planned a trip there. The views were breathtaking and the experience was once in a lifetime. Sophomore computer science major, Jenna Hunte, said that her favorite place so far was Hong Kong because of its “unique culture and easily recognizable landmarks. We climbed Victoria Peak and visited the big Buddha. We met several guys from Connecticut and spent a day with them. It goes to show that the world really isn’t as big as it seems.” It may be a 14-hour flight from Maryland but, from what I heard, it’s completely worth it!

St. Lucia

As for me, I went on a cruise to Granada, St. Croix, St. Martin, St. Lucia, and Antigua. Although I enjoyed each place, my favorite spot was St. Lucia because of its stunning waterfall, impressive volcano, and black sand beaches. I cannot wait to go back to this exquisite island. No wonder why Oprah has a house here! It’s absolutely stunning with ocean that’s so clear you can see straight to the bottom. If your dream vacation is chilling on a beach and soaking in the sun, this is your paradise!

 This break was a great way to get us ready for next semester.  Let’s kill it Terps! Only 4 months until summer vacation!

Until then, Comment with where you went over the winter break! 

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