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Where Should You Live Off Campus Next Year?

So you want to live off-campus…but with so many options, where place is the best for you?

Don’t worry! To check out where you should live next year, here are some of the more popular options around College Park.

1. The View/Varsity

The View and The Varsity are very similar in their location and their apartment choices. They are close to North Campus, but far from the rest of campus. They are a bit detached from downtown College Park, so students will need to either bus or Uber if they want to go out. Both apartment complexes have moderately priced apartments and gyms, and The View also has a pool. The biggest downside is the location, but if you have classes on North Campus, or don’t mind being away from the hustle and bustle of CP, this is a good fit for you.


2. Landmark


Landmark is located right in downtown College Park, which means it’s really close to food options and bars. It is also only a short distance from classes both on South Campus and the Mall. The apartments come furnished, and come with their own washer and dryer inside.

Landmark has a gym, a spin room and even a sauna. However, it’s located right on Route 1, so it can be noisy both during the day and night. Apartments are more on the expensive side, and parking is as well. It is far from North Campus, so depending on where your classes are, you might have to take a bit of a hike.

3. Terrapin Row

Terrapin Row (TRow) is the newest of the apartment complexes. It’s in a great location, only a short walk to downtown CP, food and bars. Like the Landmark and The View/Varsity, TRow is very facilities-heavy, having furnished apartments and rooms, a gym, study rooms and an outdoor pool. TRow is expensive, but it is close to classes on South Campus, so it’s been a popular place to live its first year. However, it is very far from North Campus.

4. College Park Towers

CP Towers, which is comprised of two buildings, has low-cost apartments, but there is no guarantee that they will be as nice as the neighboring apartment complexes. In fact, most aren’t. Students also do not pay per person, like they do with many of the other apartment complexes, which helps to keep the prices down. The units have individual landlords, which has its ups and downs. However, CP Towers are near downtown CP, which is a huge plus. They are also close to South Campus and the Mall. Like Landmark, Commons, and TRow, they are also far from North Campus. There are little to no amenities, but there is a gym being built. Some units also have balconies.

Julia Bryant is a Freshman Multi-Platform Journalism Major in the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland with plans to double major in French studies. She is also an avid member of both the Club Swim Team and Maryland Triathlon Team. She hopes to one day work for National Public Radio as a political correspondent! 
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