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Where are they now: Stars of Childhood Halloween Movies

Before we were able to sit through movies that were actually scary, many us of developed our nerves of steel watching Halloween movies on the Disney Channel. These childhood classics prepared us for new soon-to-be classics such as Paranormal Activity, The Conjuring and the entire Saw series.


Many of these movies still play on television once October begins. However, the stars we looked up to then aren’t quite the witches and heroines now that we remember them to be. Here’s what your favorite childhood Halloween movie stars are up to now.


Kimberly J. Brown – Halloweentown

           Brown starred as Marnie in “Halloweentown,” and we saw her again in “Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge”, as well as the third installment in the series, “Halloweentown High.” Outside of this franchise, you may recognize her for a few other films in which she’s partaken.

            She had a role in Stephen King’s “Rose Red” and acted alongside Steve Martin and Queen Latifah in “Bringing Down the House.”

            She hasn’t seen the screen since playing a part on the short-lived television series “Low Winter Sun.” Instead, she seems to have focused her energy into improv comedy, particularly with the group The Second City. She’s also stayed true to her “Halloweentown” roots—despite her part being recast in the third film—by kicking off the annual The Spirit of Halloween festival, which celebrates the film “Halloweentown.”

Sarah Jessica Parker – Hocus Pocus

            While many of us have to come love and revere—and quote—Parker’s role as Carrie in “Sex and the City,” few of us remember her as the witch Sarah in “Hocus Pocus.” In case you’re still having trouble, of the three witches, she was the blonde one.

            Since her spell casting days she’s gone on to win two Emmy Awards and four Golden Globe Awards for her work in “Sex and the City” alone. She’s starred in many other movies and televisions series since the 90s, including a three-episode part in “Glee.”

            Set to appear in a new television series this year, Parker has tried her hand at more than just acting. She also does work in the world of fashion. For a while she had a contract with Gap, and she’s had two different—both successful—perfume collections. Two years ago, she came out with a footwear line called the “SPJ Collection,” but we doubt we’ll see any shoes with curled toes more appropriate to her witchy days.

Tia Mowry – Twitches

            While twins Tia and Tamera may have got their start with the sitcom “Sister, Sister,” the duo went on to star in the magical Halloween movie “Twitches.” Following the sequel, “Twitches Too,” Tia Mowry acquired a starring role in the television series “The Game,” which aired on BET.

            In 2011 her pregnancy was documented on the reality show “Tia & Tamera.” She gave birth to a little boy in June of that year with husband Cory Hardrict.

            Mowry embraced motherhood, publishing a book on the subject in 2012, and starting a podcast in 2016 titled “Mostly Mom with Tia Mowry.”

            In the little free time she has left, she coaches a celebrity basketball team in the Entertainment Basketball League, and promotes veganism through a PETA campaign.

Tamera Mowry – Twitches

            Tamera Mowry’s career began much like her sister’s. She started acting in “Sister, Sister” before taking up a slightly less realistic role in “Twitches” and “Twitches Too.”

            Following these sibling projects however, Tamera Mowry got her own starring role on a medical drama titled “Strong Medicine.” The reality show “Tia & Tamera” documented the older-by-two-minutes sister’s wedding to Adam Housley.

            They welcomed their first child in late 2012, and their second in 2015. Since becoming a mother, Mowry has started a company with her sister called Need Brand. The two products of this venture so far include a formula to help new mothers produce breast milk, and a stretch mark cream for post-operation scars.

Mario Yedidia – Under Wraps

            While this movie may be one of the lesser-known classics, the hilarity of the three kids and their mummy shouldn’t be left out. Yedidia, who played Marshall in the film, is no longer a little boy, but a 31-year-old man. He retired from acting in 1998 and, following his studies at Colubmia University, became a political coordinator.

            Before his retirement however, he had a few other titles to his name. He played a “street kid” in the film “James and the Giant Peach” a year before attaining his role in “Under Wraps,” according to IMDB. He also worked alongside the late Robin Williams in the film “Jack” the same year he did “James and the Giant Peach.”

            Since dropping out of the film scene his life has been relatively quiet. The last project he worked on before quitting the showbiz gigs forever was a short titled “Just Add Water.”

Rebecca is a sophomore journalism student at the University of Maryland.She is a staff writer for Her Campus and Unwind magazine, a UMD publication. Originally from Pittsburgh, she is a fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team.  She hopes to go into feature writing after graduation.
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