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What AND Where to Eat in CP

Have you ever found yourself wanting to celebrate your long week of school with something amazing to eat, but you don’t know what’s good around town? Well, fear no more! Here’s a list to spice up your dining at some of College Park’s finest eateries on Route 1.

1.      Chipotle

There’s a reason why the College Park Chipotle is the busiest one in the area. Unless you go during the off peak hours, you better be prepared for waiting in a line to the door. If you want to skip the wait, use online ordering where you can order your food and choose your own pick up time.  Picky about your burrito? No worries, online ordering leaves plenty of room to ask for extra lettuce or for sour cream on the side.

Not to mention once Taipango starts delivery, you’ll already be a pro at ordering online.

My go to: Burrito bowl with the tortilla on the inside.

2.      Kiyoko Express

This Japanese restaurant is a saving grace when you’re crazing a steak meal. I love Kiyoko because it’s the perfect place to get your Japanese fix. While delivery can get pricey the entrees are fully loaded and is enough to last two days, saving you money and an extra night of cooking.

My go to: Hibachi Steak with Mushrooms

3.      Cluck-U-Chicken

Cluck-U is not new to the college cuisine landscape, but it has gone through a crazy revamp since its early years. Cluck-U has robust menu with everything you can imagine. Want a burger delivered to you? Cluck-U has it and it’s good.  They even have one of the better desserts in my opinion; the fluffy rolls covered in either cinnamon, sugar or honey are delicious and good warm or cold. So don’t let the name full you they have more to offer than just chicken.

My go to: Chicken tenders and fries

4.      Papa John’s

Blaze may be more trendy, innovative and different than the chain brand, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t prefer PJ’s over Blaze any day.  A staple in my diet, I love Papa John’s better than other chains because its kept its originality. With the rewards program, easy interactive ordering process and tailored to deliver to dorms (no street address needed). Papa John’s is one of the easiest places to deliver from.

My go to: A medium cheese pizza, light sauce, well done with double extra cheese.

5.      Nandos-Peri Peri

Opening in October, Nandos maybe new to many out of state students (the only American locations are in the DMV and Indiana). You can read the ins-and outs of eating at Nandos here, but I can speak as a long time diner at the restaurant that the food is to die for. Their chicken is tender and juicy; full of flavor and their fries will have you coming back. Not to mention, the pay-before you dine style is great for complicating group outings.

My go to: the Chicken Pita and fries


*** Please note: several pictures displayed in this article were taken from Yelp users.

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Brooke is from Clinton, Maryland and is a senior at the University of Maryland, studying Broadcast Journalism. A self-proclamied Pop Music enthusiast, she loves everything about music especially when it involves Beyoncé and hopes to work in radio or for a record company.
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