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Warm Weather Finally Sticks

The transition from winter to spring seemed to tease the students of the University of Maryland as the warm weather was lacking permanence at the start of spring.

However, after [early April]’s record breaking temperatures, the warm weather is finally sticking in the city of College Park, making every student’s struggle to get out of bed and get to class just a little bit easier. Students relaxed under the sun as they tossed Frisbees, tanned, and tightrope walked on the McKeldin Mall.  This week is no different as students continue to enjoy the warm weather.
An abrupt change in weather [during early April] caused the temperatures to rise from the mid-50s to 92 degrees last Wednesday. This abnormally high temperature for an April day broke the previous record of 89 degrees, which was set in 1822, according to BWI and Reagan airports.

“The weather seemed to almost have skipped spring,” sophomore business major Colleen Phillips said. “It went from freezing cold to the temperature in the desert.”
Several students were looking forward to the warm weather as soon as spring arrived.

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“I was waiting for it, it’s been too cold of a spring,” junior kinesiology major Lauren Johnson said. “I love the warmth, and I think it’s great that everyone is outside.”

Other students, however, were not as enthusiastic about the hot weather.
“You don’t want my opinion on it,” Tim Bowen, senior kinesiology major said. “I like the winter; I wish it would snow here.”

While the East Coast was enjoying the warm spring weather, the Midwest was experiencing the complete opposite type of weather. Wild storms wreaked havoc in the area from Colorado to Minnesota with wind-driven snow.
“I didn’t even know that the Midwest was having a snow storm, that’s bizarre,” Phillips said. “We’re really lucky to be having this warm weather, even if it is a little hotter than usual for April.”

The weather for the weekend will be cooling down to between high-50s and low-60s, with severe thunderstorms expected on Friday. Temperatures are expected to stay in the 60s throughout next week, giving students a chance to take in spring-time weather before the summer heat hits.


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