Top 5 Healthy Halloween Treats

With Halloween around the corner, a lot of students are working to get in shape for their costumes. When the time comes to put on the wings or fake vampire teeth, everyone wants to make sure they look their best. However, staying healthy for Halloween costumes, or even just the holiday season in general, can be difficult on a college campus. There are so many temptations in the form of cheap store-bought candy, dining hall holiday meals, and go-to snacks in your apartment. As someone who has been on her own health journey, I wondered,  “what are some healthy candy alternatives I can make on my own to stay on track this Halloween?” 

Here are my top five candy alternatives that anyone can DIY for this coming spooky season. 

1. Peanut Butter Pumpkins

Photo on Joy Filled Eats

These chocolate-covered peanut bites are the perfect alternative to the sugary Reese's-Peanut Butter Cups. With only 5 grams of total carbohydrates and 4 grams of protein, these delectable pumpkins are an easy DIY for your chocolate and peanut cravings. If you are interested in how to make your own, you can go to Joy-Filled Eats and find more recipes. 

2. Candy Corn Cookies

Photo on AllDayIDreamAboutFood

These candy corn cookie treats are as tasty as they are fun! If you are someone who likes candy corn and sugar cookies, these mini treats are a fun way to ease your candy corn cravings. Each serving size is 3 grams of protein and if you and your friends want to make these yourself, you can follow the super easy recipe

3. Paleo Ghost Truffles

Photo from LivingHealthyWithChocolate

You don’t need to be paleo to enjoy these sweet coconut and pecan treats. With a delicious coconut and pecans crunchy inside and creamy chocolate outside, you will want to gobble down these ghoulish candies. You can find the recipe here on the Living Healthy with Chocolate website as well as other healthy chocolate sweets. 

4. Low Carb Keto Cupcakes

Photo on KetoDietApp

With 7.8 grams of protein and a smooth and creamy frosting, these cupcakes are not only fun to look at, but they are also keto-friendly. With a soft chocolate base and cream cheese frosting, you will have fun making these spider-web cupcakes with your friends or family. This recipe, along with other keto-friendly Halloween treats can be found here.  

5. Pumpkin Chocolate Truffles

Photo on LowCarbYum

These low carb chocolate truffles are sugar-free and all-natural! Though making the chocolate ganache is a challenge since it’s made with Swerve Confectioners Powder, the end results are worth it with the chocolate and pumpkin treats. If you want a little cooking challenge or are simply craving that pumpkin flavor, you can find the recipe here.