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Tips for Dorm Room Spring Cleaning

The annual transition from winter spring is hard.  It is hard for our bodies to adjust to the drastic change in weather, hard to swap our warm sweaters and scarves for a pair of shorts and aviators and hard to keep from fidgeting in class when it’s just so nice outside.

After we get over the initial shell shock and adjust the air conditioner, we meet yet another challenge: switching our rooms over from winter to spring.

If you are anything like me, your current room is completely “winterized.” A deliciously warm rug greets your cold toes as you step inside.  A patterned, down blanket covers your bed, topped by another fuzzy blanket and one more at the foot of the bed in case the cold temperature drops lower through the night.  Your drawers are filled with sweaters and wool socks and your closet holds your cutest boots and puffiest coats.

Your room, in other words, is dressed for winter.  Now, with the limited space you have, where do you and all that spring attitude and attire you bring back after spring break fit in? 

Here are a few suggestions that may help ease the transition:

1. That one blanket that sleeps at the end of your bed?  It’s time to give it some love.  When packing for spring break, throw in your down blankets to save space in your room. Unless you’re cold blooded, you won’t need those again until next fall.  The only challenge is then finding sheets to match your new blankie.  My suggestion? Something airy and bright!


2. Bring your winter clothes home. I know it is tempting to keep your drawers stocked with cute sweaters, because hey, there may be a cold streak in the month of April.  Now I know College Park weather is anything but predictable, but I really suggest saying bye-bye to winter clothing for now.  Besides, you need to clear out closet and drawer space for your cute spring wardrobe!  Dorm room drawers and closets are not built with space to share.

3. That rug. It can stay until summer if it is just too hard to part with.  But it can also go and be replaced with a new and improved rug fit for spring!  A rug that is warm and fluffy should be replaced with a rug that is light and welcoming- like spring.  The braver you are and the brighter you go the closer you will come to having a spring- filled room.   

4. And lastly, it’s time to add some spring spirit to those walls!  Bright colored stickers and accessories can do wonders when trying to liven a room.  And it doesn’t have to be costly!  A little bit of arts and crafts can go a long way!  Frame bright colored t-shirts and hang them above your bed.  Decorate your pen and pencil holders in bright colored wrapping paper.  Hang up fun and uplifting quotes. 

And the final and most crucial step- open those windows and let that awesome spring air in! 

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