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Things to Do in the DMV During the Holiday Season

Article by Sarah Thomas

As Winter approaches, so does the holiday season. However, being a college student during the holidays is more complex than anyone anticipated. With the stress of studying for finals combined with the pressures of crafting a schedule for the next semester, life can become overwhelming and the holidays often lose their magic. However, there are more opportunities to get into the spirit where we are than many may realize. If you are looking for some inspiration to celebrate traditions or create new ones, here are some of the best things to do in the DMV during the holiday season! 

  1. The Downtown Holiday Market, centered at 8th and F streets, is the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit. Live music, vendors, as well as great food are all offered during this event. Another perk is that this market is open 12 pm-8pm daily through December 23!
  1. Ice skating at the National Gallery of Art’s Sculpture Garden is on my bucket list! Personally, no matter what month of winter I am currently experiencing, ice skating has been something that my family and I have always done. Within this experience, you also are provided with astounding views of the many sculptures encompassing the garden, as well as the opportunity to take lessons while there!  
  1. Holiday movies are something that many of us enjoy, or have enjoyed throughout our childhoods. Theaters located in the D.C. area have developed immersive experiences so that we all can relive our childhood memories once again. The Miracle Theatre is playing a Christmas Story throughout the month of December, and the Alamo Theatre has immersive experiences where you enjoy movie-themed treats included in your admission. 
  1. If you are reading this article and are over the age of 21, the holiday bars are for you! The Wunder Garten has a Winterfest beer garden where live music and festive brews are provided throughout December into early January. Trummer’s in Clifton, Virginia offers 12 different cocktails to resemble the 12 days of Christmas! The Wharf also has rotating festive bars decorated with lights and themed drinks to accompany them. 
  1. The holidays would not be complete without the many symbolic figures we fill our homes with each year. The Capitol building’s Christmas tree is a sight to see for all and provides that sense of spirit for anyone who wanders down the west lawn. Every year, the tree is selected from the National Forest and stands tall in front of the beautiful Capitol building. 

Although your holidays may look different this year due to where you live, do not let this limit you from getting into the festive spirit! Get out there, gather with friends and family, and create some new amazing holiday memories.