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These Dogs Dressed in Halloween Costumes are Everything

Midterms, projects, and more midterms: October can be a stressful time for a lot of students. However, it’s been leading up to this: Halloween is officially here.  So, in the spirit of this spooktacular holiday, here are 14 pictures of dogs in costumes to brighten up your day.

Let’s start with this Corgi dressed as Batman.



Of course, all dogs can’t be the heroes.



This dog just has so much swag.



As does this dog with an awesome robot costume.



I'm weak #dogcostume #starwars #ATAT #makeascenecontest #dogcostumes

A photo posted by Tucker (@tucker_da_husky) on


This Dracula dog sticks to the Halloween classics



I am Dracula! I think. #MakeASceneContest @petco

A photo posted by Luiza Naslausky (@luizanaslausky) on


Just like this wannabe mummy.



On the other hand, this dog dressed as Wonder Woman is a first.



Wonder Dog! #doghalloween #maltese #dogsofinstagram #puppy

A photo posted by Bridget Casey (@bridgey_anne) on


Sometimes the simplest costumes are the best.



Emma the #BeanieBaby

A photo posted by S. & Em(ma) (@doxie83) on


And other times you dress your dog as another beloved animal.



This will definitely be appreciated by Harry Potter fans everywhere.



As will as this this clever three-headed dog costume.



Here’s a dog dressed as a banana.



And a tiny devil dog.



It's almost time for the hoomans to Trick or Treat. Tough break... I get a treat EVERY time I do a trick!

A photo posted by Brodie The Yorkie (@brodie_yorkielifestyle) on


And finally, a hot dog.



Lansky is all ready for Halloween! #trickortreat #halloweendog

A photo posted by @murphch on


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