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Now that it’s been a few months of learning what’s appropriate for the ladies of College Park to wear, why not change it up and give some tips to the guys of the group? Dressing to go out at night for a guy may seem repetitive, but something they may not know is that this is not always the case. From changing up the colors in your shirt to the style of your shoes, these two frat guys show us some ways to change your style from boring to one that is your own. 

Name: Joseph Gutowski
Year/major: Senior Government & Politics major
Look: Cool and casual
Taking to his model side, Joe shows us the appropriate way for a guy to dress casual for the nights out in College Park. With a v-neck cotton t-shirt and jeans, he proves to us that looking good doesn’t mean always having to dress up. V-neck shirts may seem boring, but now that it is spring season, these cotton tees come in a wide variety of colors to help brighten up your outfit. As you can see here, Joe does this with a light purple t-shirt and a simple pair of jeans. As far as shoes go, sneakers are totally acceptable. Once it starts to get warmer though, feel free to wear loafers or Sperry’s.

Name: Dylann Germann
Year/major: Senior Kineseology major
Look: Dress it up
Unlike Joe who sports the comfortable t-shirt and jeans, Dylann shows us a way to dress up your outfit for those nights at the bars or for going into DC to the clubs. T-shirts are great for the casual occasion, but it never hurts to dress up sometimes, too. A button down collared shirt is an awesome way to look both stylish and sexy, but keep it still a little laid-back by pairing it with jeans. Something I especially love about the way Dylann made this look work was by wearing the plain black belt. It still says casual since he is wearing jeans, but is also a little dressier with the use of the belt. Like the relaxed look Joe shows us, it can also be worn with either sneakers or loafers depending on the occasion.

By utilizing things like shirt color/pattern, shoes and belts, guys now have the chance to make their outfits stand out. There is not as much versatility as the girls have, of course, but that does not mean guys can’t try to make themselves look good as well. By taking from Joe and Dylann’s looks, hopefully the men of College Park will learn a few tips on how to spice up their own style!  

Senior communication major at the University of Maryland, College Park
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