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Staying Stylish in College Park


Going out in College Park is sometimes said to be difficult to dress for. Is there such thing as too dressy? Or what about too casual? These three girls show us that you can dress super casual, a bit dressy or right in between all in one night. We may only be going to grimy local bars and basements of frat houses, but dressing in style is always kept in mind for the girls of UMD.

Name: Stephanie Perlman

Major/year: Senior Psychology major

What are you wearing?

Top: Tobi

Bottoms: American Apparel

Shoes: Ash

Stephanie keeps it simple by wearing a light cotton tank top, leggings and sneaker wedges. Sneaker wedges are all the rage right now and they are the perfect way to stay comfortable and casual while also dressing your outfit up a bit with a wedge. She went with the shiny legging look on bottom to keep it relaxed. A tank with low sides adds a little something to the outfit without taking away from the informal look she is going for. This is the perfect balance of casual without being TOO casual.

Name: Danielle Bauer

Major/year: Senior Criminology major

What are you wearing?

Top: Forever21

Bottoms: Tobi

Shoes: Target

Danielle goes for the dressier College Park attire by wearing a sheer top, edgy jeans and heels. This tank is shorter in the front and extra long in the back, a trendy way to stay stylish. Instead of a cotton tank like Stephanie wears, the sheer fabric takes it up a notch into a less casual look. The jeans by Tobi are not your ordinary plain denim jeans, but instead are cut with a dark black denim and leather. Pairing these with some plain black wedges is the best way to keep with the attire and also make sure you are not bringing too many different fabrics and trends into one look.

Name: Allie Silberman

Major/year: Senior Communication major

What are you wearing?

Top: Forever21

Bottoms: J Brand

Shoes: Michael Kors

Allie is right in the middle of the looks Stephanie and Danielle were wearing. Here, Allie wears a sheer top, plain jeans and wedges. She is making the statement that she is not too casual, but at the same time not trying to be too dressed up either. A sheer collared top is not only classy but also simple. Simplicity continues with the black denim jean and a full coverage black bootie wedge. If you are not sure if you want to have a more casual look or a nicer outfit that night, this can be the perfect medium. Pairing a nicer fabric top with simple denim or black jeans brings casual and dressy together to make one perfectly mixed outfit. 

Senior communication major at the University of Maryland, College Park
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