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If you’re one of those “I like to get my nails done every couple of weeks and want to try something different with my nails but always get something basic” girls just know you are not alone. The good news is those days are over because  I am going to present you with many new, fun and trendy nail ideas for this spring!

According to Glamour Beauty, many colors hit the runway this year at New York Fashion Week. Models flaunted a variety of nail trends but sheer colors, subtle ombres, and the mixing of colors were especially hot. Other popular nail colors for the spring are pastels and nudes according to a Refinery 29 article. Winter whites and cobalt blues are also making an entrance this season.

Pastel nails


If you’re so over just switching nail colors every week then you might be interested in trying out different textures or styles. One of the things I’m personally in love with is matte lipstick, but what’s even better now is the fact that you can even paint your nails matte! Another texture that’s being seen more often are sparkles, whether that be sparkly stripes or ombred sparkle nails, glitter and shimmer are definitely making a comeback. But if different textures for nails aren’t your thing, you can always spice things up by sporting different styles on your nails.

In the Zoe Report, various styles such as stripes created using a thin brush, reverse half moons painted on at the cuticle of the nail, and French Manicure flips at the base of the nail instead of the tips are all very trendy for the spring as well.

Half moon nails


After reading about these various trends you might be wondering what are some good nail polish brands to use. Based on what was used at New York Fashion Week, I would say brands such as JINSoon, butter LONDON, and Essie are all good quality nail polish brands. But you can’t go wrong with OPI nail polish either.

Matte Nails


Hopefully after reading this article you’re inspired to try new nail trends for the spring. You can never go wrong with cute nails, especially if people notice the fun styles, colors, and textures of your nails. So with that said, happy spring and happy painting!

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