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Simple Originality- UMD Student Creates Clothing Line Worn by Wale, Lupe Fiasco, Mac Miller

Never take for granted the simple things in life. Ayo Omolewa, a junior kinesiology major, takes this statement to heart through his clothing line Simple Originality.
Finding what to wear to class can be difficult but Omolewa is making it easier. Simple Originality includes an assortment of tank tops, t-shirts, and crewnecks that can be worn everyday.
“Simple Originality contains a unique style that can be worn by everyone,” Omolewa said. “It can extend from the punk rocker to the prep.”

Omolewa and friend, Phillip Lejano, a junior kinesiology major at UMBC, thought of the idea to make a clothing line years ago, but it remained an idea. It was brought up again with the plan of a mixtape, video and clothing line but only the clothing line panned out and Simple Originality was born in March 2011.
When asked why they chose the name Simple Originality Omolewa responded, “Because it’s simple. And it’s original.”
The t-shirts and tanks come in black and white with a logo that says “Keep It Simple” at a price of $20. The crewnecks come in black, gray, red, green and maroon at a price of $30. The variety of styles and colors will keep you coming back for more.
Celebrities such as The Cool Kids, Lupe Fiasco, Wale, Mac Miller, and Tiara Thomas own Simple Originality apparel.

Omolewa and Lejano’s influences for the line were Shawn Stussy, Marc Jacobs, Kanye, and Pharrell. The two refuse to label the style of this line because boxing it into one category takes away from the originality.
In the near future, Omolewa hopes that the line expands beyond the University of Maryland and UMBC to other universities. However, they have sold to people in the UK, Canada and Australia. Further down the line they hope to open a store.
It was made clear to them early that they were doing something right. Within the first four months “copy-cat” sites were already showing up trying to sell their clothes.
A great aspect of this clothing line is it’s something new. There is a good chance that you will have nothing like it in your closet. And not only will you not have anything like it, but none of your friends will either. 

The worst feeling is buying something in the store and realizing once you get home that you have nothing to wear with it.  You can wear these clothes the way you want to. You have the ability to dress the tank tops up or down. Wear sweats, leggings, or jeans with the crewnecks. It’s purely up to you. And it’s simple.
“My favorite thing about my Simple Originality crewneck is how comfortable it is,” said Emily Rosen, a sophomore psychology major. “ I never want to take it off!”
Not only are the clothes simple, they are also simple to get your hands on. All the clothes can be bought online through their website, http://www.wix.com/simpleoriginality/otm-new/simple-originality#!__simpl….
You can also check out their Twitter (@OTMclothing),Tumblr (simpleoriginality.tumblr.com), and like their Facebook page.

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