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Should You Go the Distance?

Regardless of whether you think you have found the one or if it has just been another one of those summer flings, the approach of the school year is imminent and both of you aren’t moving to College Park. For a relationship, college can be a giant fork in the road if you and your significant other don’t go to the same school. So which direction do you take? Break-Up Avenue or Long Distance Drive?

Personally, I believe that choosing to break it off is the right direction. We’re young and in college with our entire lives ahead of us. Why take that extra baggage with you that you can’t exactly store under the bed? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to get buck wild in the single life. I just think that if you both agree to pause on things while you’re still on good terms, you can escape a lot of stress, and easily come back to it when you don’t have to constantly worry about what’s going on over at his school.

Also, depending on the depth of relationship, there’s always the chance that your guy may not be as gung ho about your bond as you may be. Sean Grammick, a junior Criminology major, elaborates on his own experience in saying that even hard work may not be enough.

 “Any relationship is a two way street,” Grammick said. “Even if you are ‘in it’ 100%, especially in a college long distance relationship, chances are it won’t work out.” However, I also believe that if you trust that your relationship is strong enough to stand the separation, distractions, and lack of physical activity, then you should definitely follow your heart. As much as I don’t trust the whole long distance idea, there are plenty of relationships that have successfully gone the distance and still remain stronger than ever.

Rachel Auerbach, a sophomore journalism and government double major, has one of those relationships that we can all envy. Today, her and her beau, Logan Singleton, have been together for a whopping one year and nine months. Last fall, Rachel began her freshman year here at UMD with Logan back at home in Jersey. This fall, Rachel has returned to UMD with the accomplishment of last year’s long distance struggle keeping the couple positive for the upcoming school year.

What’s her secret to success? Well, other than the nine, yes NINE, total visits made between the two of them, Skype seems to be their golden ticket. She explains, “Skyping helps the most because you get to see them and hear their voice; texting just isn’t the same. At the same time you can’t pick fights over stupid things, and you have to try to be understanding if they’re really busy and can’t come see you a lot and/or can’t talk as much as you’d like. But definitely skype as much as you can.”

Auerbach also put emphasis on how amazing it is to finally be reunited. The appreciation and excitement toward each other is brought to new heights, which allows you both to truly cherish the relationship.
So, there you have it ladies! Although long distance college relationships may not be for everybody, you girls do not have to be in a Cinderella story in order to stay solid in your relationships. In the end, work toward your happiness over anything else!

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