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Savvy Spending for Spring Breakers A College Girl’s Guide To Money Saving Tricks!

Spring break is finally here, and although most of us are concerned with counting calories for bathing suit season, I will be counting my pennies and dimes. The biggest hesitation for money-conscious spring breakers can be blowing hard earned salaries on worthless expenses while vacationing. It seems like the only way to get the full spring break experience is to throw caution and money to the wind.
However, I have my mind on my money and my money on my mind so the last thing I want to do is return from break with nothing but an empty wallet and a sunburn. If you are like me, then read on, for I have decided to list the major go-to tricks for money savvy spenders like YOU.
1)   Eat In!
A lot of the time, vacationers will blow their money on meals, snacks and drinks. These minor spends will add up over time and really break your bank. Be proactive and hit up a grocery store at the beginning. Check out what’s going to be on sale that week and make a list with that in mind. Packing a lunch for the beach and refilling a water bottle can drastically reduce spending. Go in on the grocery trip with your friends and divide the cost, you’ll be surprised how little you’ll pay.

2)   Clip Coupons!
Do your research before you spend. Asking the front desk of your hotel, or even the locals, for deals and steals can really pay off. Sometimes they’ll have coupons for neighboring businesses or the inside scoop for discounts at the bars at night! Also, checking out sites like Groupon.com and LivingSocial.com which can give you insider deals to trips and events that might be going on in the area.

You might be able to snag discounted concert tickets or parasailing adventures that are normally be super pricey but super fun. It’ll make your trip unique and much cheaper. Websites like these even have smart phone apps and send emails right to your phone! Other sites like Restaurant.com can give you HUGE discounts on food and drinks the nights that you do decide to go out. Look up restaurants with good reviews in the area (think UrbanSpoon or Zagat) and search for deals from there. You’ll feel less guilty about ordering that pricey entree AND the yummy brownie sundae.
3)Plan ahead!
Exploring your vacation area before hand (whether in person or just on Google) can really help you map out activities you want to do. By making a mock itinerary, you can give yourself an idea of how much you’ll really be dolling out and where your money goes. Laziness is a huge catalyst for over-spending. Making a loose schedule and budget for your days will keep you from impromptu shopping sprees. So don’t slack off, your wallet and your vacay will thank you later!
4)   Don’t stress!
Even though all of these tips can help you keep your wallet fat and your schedule packed, don’t feel too guilty about getting that smoothie to satisfy your sweet tooth. Go ahead and indulge a little. Put it in your budget for a little free spending and enjoy yourself. After all, it’s called spring break for a reason.

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