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Remembering being 13 years old and going to and from practices, getting ready for school dances, and living it up at your best friend’s birthday party? Although this lifestyle may seem familiar to some of you, Ciara Pinkney at just 13 was exploring her talents through styling hair. Pinkney, a current sophomore at the University of Maryland, intends to be a Kinesiology major, but also has a love for sports, as she likes to play both volleyball and basketball.

How did you get started doing hair?

 I started doing hair when I was in the eighth grade.  I was a “salon baby”; I grew up in the hair salon, catching on and learning how to style hair using different techniques. I would come home after school and start styling my mannequins, aside from roller-skating up and down the streets of East Baltimore. I started to profit off of hair in high school, only one year later. Crazy as it sounds, I knew exactly what I was doing. I continued to perfect my craft throughout high school and now college. Out of my almost 20 years of living, I have been styling hair for about eight years.

Who is your clientele?

My clientele are mostly female but I do have a few male clients.

What types of things/services do you do to hair?

I service relaxed and natural hair, weaves and wigs, closure techniques (if ever licensed I would specialize in weaves, closures, and wigs), dreadlock maintenance, blowouts, curls and colors, and a variety of other styles and techniques.

Do you do hair for men?

I do provide some services of men, cutting men’s hair is not one of my proficient specialties just yet but I am learning.

What are your prices?

My prices on campus are very reasonable ranging from $15 to $100 depending on what services you are looking for, including a combination of services. Example: color starts at $15+, weaves start at $50+, closure weaves $90+.

How do you market yourself on campus?

On campus, I market myself on social media: mainly through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and my lovely clients without hesitation spread the word. @CeeCeeHarm

Is doing hair something you want to do career wise or is it something that you would like to do on the side?

Hair is definitely something I want to do on the side. I would love to gain a cosmetology license, but Sport Representation, Kinesiology, and Physical Therapy are definitely my first choices.

Do you make your own hair products?

I don’t make any hair care products, but in the future I do plan to link up with a Chemical cosmetologist and a Chemical engineer to possibly make some.

What are some of your hair care must haves?

My hair care must-haves would be: TreSemme leave-in conditioner  “Split-end remedy”, Hick’s Edge Control, Nylon weaving thread, Andis ceramic flat iron, a Bellezza vapor flat iron, and of course some great virgin hair!

What’s something no one knows about you that you think they should know?

I can sing very well and I like to sing in front of large crowds rather than small ones.


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