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Peri-Peri Good! Nando’s is Coming to College Park!

Terps, our voices have been heard! “Enough pizza,” we said, and the Route 1 God’s have answered! After increasing the pizza chain within the College Park area 5 times over, Ratsie’s surrendered to a more enticing and popular restaurant. Now residing in the corner of tender and addicting, Nando’s Peri-Peri will light the fire in our souls with their famous Peri-Peri chicken. What better way to bring in family and better business than introducing culture into the mix!

Using a spice like no other, this Mozambican/Portuguese themed restaurant has filled the hearts and mouths of many with a rich taste of atmosphere, music, and South African flare! Instead of fried chicken, Nando’s grills each chicken breast, leg or thigh to perfection with delicious sides varying from peri chips (fries), flame grilled corn on the cob, to spicy yellow Portuguese rice. It doesn’t stop there! To cater to all taste buds, they even provide customers with the “PERI- ometer” showing the heat of the sauces. Once you choose your flavor of the day, you are sure to have a succulent piece of heaven marinated for 24 hours and have you speaking another language by your next visit! Delicioso!

Nando’s is a great addition to College Park in more ways than one! Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on what I would personally claim as my current addiction:


  1. “Melt in Your Mouth” Flavors

Not only do they give you options from zesty to spicy for your chicken to be cooked with, you can also take charge of mixing flavors with the multiple sauces they have at the table for you to add on the side of your plate.  “ I love non-basic food! Every time I come here I get exactly what I ask for!” said Ambra Palushi, a junior family science major. Clearly, Nando’s doesn’t disappoint.

  1. Affordability  

You are given a delectable meal for a perfect price! “ It’s like the same price as Blaze, but I get my money’s worth! “ explained senior Brianna Bell. You will spend no more than $8-11 for your meal and an appetizer! It doesn’t get better than this on route one!


  1. A Date Night that’s Walking Distance

I’m sure many of you have gotten this excuse from bae,  “I don’t have a car, so how about we Netflix & Chill?” or “We’re college students. I’m broke!”  Say no more!! This restaurant gives no excuse to a well-deserved date night at a dimmed lit, perfectly set table with your beau.  “We had our first date here and it was something I’ve never had! I love the fact that we don’t have to wait for our food. We get to serve ourselves! “ exclaimed Jakaya McCambry, a senior criminal justice major. Both of your meals combined would cost $20 to say the least! Pretty doable for a scrumptious meal on a college budget!



(Date night w/ Bae for my birthday at Nandos)

Opening Sunday, October 25, we can’t wait to see Nando’s full potential in the streets of College Park!

Kayline is currently a senior at the University of Maryland-College Park. She is a Family Science Major focusing on Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy. On her down time, she expresses her passion either on the volleyball court or dancing all over campus. She hopes to become a Sports Physical Therapist and contribute as a writer for a health magazine. She is obsessed with "Friends" (the show), shopping, and trying new things! She believes everyone grows at their own pace and as a new HerCampus writer, she hopes to help her readers grow into awesome women by sharing her thoughts and views of the world and all its beauty! :) Find her on Instagram @kay.limepie
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