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Meredith Bower- Terp Thon Recruitment Chair

While preparing for a new project for Terp Thon, a fellow internal member said, “[Meredith] had her coffee this morning!  I’ve never seen someone so passionate about something!”  Meredith Bower’s enthusiasm inspired us as we recruited participants for Terp Thon, a year-long fundraising effort that culminates on March 7th with a 12-hour dance marathon benefiting Children’s National Health System in DC.

An Environmental Science and Policy major from Charlottesville, Virginia, Bower’s responsibilities as recruitment chair include hanging flyers, organizing recruitment events, speaking to classes and at meetings to get as many Terps as possible involved, and working with the other executive board members to make this event the best it can be.  Certainly it’s a ton of work, but Meredith says that she craved the chance to put even more into this organization and cause!

“I really wanted to be able to do all that I could for the kids, and fully dedicate myself to this organization and these inspiring patients and families,” she said.  “I love telling people about Terp Thon, and making them love this cause just as much as I do. . . . We need more people to know about it, and understand why we do what we do. This organization attracts the most amazing people on this campus, who are so unbelievably selfless, caring, and full of passion and love.”

Meredith’s own selflessness was clear as she much preferred discussing what a wonderful cause and experience Terp Thon is rather than talk about herself.  College is a time that most of us need to focus on ourselves, but instead Meredith chooses to use her college experience to make sure the kids in the hospital can someday make it here. “We help these kids have the childhoods they deserve, and futures filled with amazing life experiences, weddings, vacations, classes, and countless laughs,” she told me. “That is honestly the most rewarding experience I have had, not only with Terp Thon, but in life.”

Why is Meredith so committed to recruiting other students to join the effort?  “Terp Thon will show you what it feels like to come together and be a part of something that changes and saves lives,” she said. “No feeling compares to being part of this event, and knowing you did your part to help these kids, and to give them the futures they deserve.” Her excitement was not only palpable, but infectious. 

This event will be more fun than any of the previous years, full of surprises – a true Party With A Purpose.  Meredith promised “this year, Terp Thon will be life changing and something that everyone will want to be a part of.”

In order to join Meredith in this incredible effort and dance for those who can’t on March 7th, register now at terpthon.org!


Freshman Terp.  English major.  So excited to be a part of Her Campus writing staff!
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