Meet Her Campus + European Wax Center + POPSUGAR Contest Finalist Bri Volatile

This post was made in partnership with European Wax Center®

People are always on the hunt for the latest fall fashion, beauty tips and tools to make them stand out. A blogger can launch her career by not only sharing her bold fashion must haves and not concealing who she is, but also having the courage and confidence to reveal herself. Bri Volatile is doing just that. In one year she has grown her lifestyle blog, The Brunettes Diary, into a full blown brand. Her Campus has partnered with European Wax Center® and POPSUGAR to send a top beauty blogger on a bold adventure to LA, and Volatile is one of six in the running. Her Campus Maryland’s feature editor sat down with Volatile to learn more about the gorgeous brunette girl behind the diary.

Brianna Volatile.jpg

What made you want to start a blog?

I started my blog a year ago, because I wanted to create not only a space, but an entire experience for young women. I wanted them to come to The Brunettes Diary to find inspiration, and helpful tips and tricks for all aspects of their lives. I've also always had a huge passion for fashion, beauty, writing and photography. As a blogger I get to experience all of these things in one.

Where has The Brunettes Diary taken you and how do you see it growing from here?

I am honestly amazed by the success my blog has reached in just the past year, but this is only the beginning. I have so many ideas for my blog, and the future of my blog. I am very thankful for the relationships I've built with my readers and hope to continue to grow. I hope that I am able to continue using the success of my blog to inspire and help women to be their best self!

What should every blogger know when they are first starting out?

Every blogger should know a few things when they are first starting out. First, quality over quantity. Yes, it’s important to get content to your audience, but the quality of the content is what really matters. You can write a blog post every single day, but if it is not your best quality work, you will not see the results you want. 

Second, know your audience! Know your audience like the back of your hand. You should know what she is into, where she shops, what music she listens to, what her favorite food is, what she wears, etc. You need to know your audience like you just chatted over mimosas and brunch. 

Lastly, have your OWN voice. This is the hardest part when starting a blog. There are a million other bloggers out there but only ONE of you. Everyone has a unique voice and personality, so let yours shine! Don't get caught up in what the other bloggers are doing, because they will always be doing something different than you. Just worry about yourself and letting your voice be heard. Someone out there is waiting for someone like you!

That’s awesome. So, tell us more about the EWC products you were sent? What was your favorite one?

The EWC products honestly blew my mind! All of the products I was sent were easily better than the hundreds of dollars I've spent on products for my brows at other beauty stores. It's hard to pick a favorite because I'm obsessed with them all, but if I had to choose it would be the Browfection™ Brow Powder Duo. This duo is absolutely perfect for achieving a natural, fuller brow. I like that I can use this product daily or use it at night and wet my brush for a more dramatic look.

What gives you the confidence to strut your strut, maintain your blog and be a college student?

Honestly, reaching just one person with my blog gives me the confidence I need to strut my strut. I love connecting with other amazing young women and inspiring each other in all aspects of life, whether that be sharing tips on getting the best grade on our final or sharing our beauty secrets. Also, I love coming across brands like EWC! I love that there are brands out there that set out to empower women and make them feel naturally beautiful.

In society today, some brands want us to look 10x older and they end up changing our naturally beautiful look. I like that EWC wants us ladies to embrace our natural look and strut it! EWC has allowed me to feel so much more confident in my own skin. I've always been self conscious about the thickness of my brows but the entire EWC brand and message has allowed me to feel more confident and beautiful in my blog and in college.

How has European Wax Center® helped you get your brows on point this fall?

Okay, listen... I've had brow issues for years! Since I was a little girl i've always been self conscious about my eyebrows. My mom may or may not have had to hide the tweezers at one point in my life. When I found European Wax Center I was in heaven. Not only was everyone so friendly and welcoming but they gave my brows life! I'm now embracing their natural shape and thickness, and I've never felt more confident. EWC is all about perfecting your already perfect brows and I love that! This fall I'm going thick! I have my natural thickness and I've even added to my brows by using the Browfection™ Brow Powder Duo and Ready. Set. Brow!™ Perfect Brow Groomer to make them fuller! EWC gave me the brow confidence I've been looking for my whole life.

If you win, how are you going to prepare for your bold adventure?

If I win, I will ROCK the natural brow like no other. I want to show girls that we are all different, there is no perfect brow, but our brows are perfect for us! I will prepare for my bold adventure with a bold brow. I'm completely obsessed with the EWC products, so those will be coming with me no matter where I go. Your eyebrows  are so important, they shape your entire face. It makes me sad to see people in the media changing their shape to what is "trending." I like that EWC is doing the opposite and showing girls that we can strut what we were born with!

What would winning this competition mean to you?

Winning this competition would be beyond amazing! I've worked incredibly hard every single day to get to where I am. Even this interview is a huge accomplishment! But, I've always dreamed of having the opportunity to be a voice for women. My entire blog isn't just about fashion or beauty, it's about making us women feel good, happy and proud to be ourselves. If you read through the posts on my blog, they are all about how to feel, look and be your best self.

Not only would winning this competition be a huge accomplishment and drea come true of mine, but the weekend we would be in LA is my birthday weekend. I don't think it is possible to ask for a better birthday! This would be the ultimate present! Not to mention, I've been reading POPSUGAR since I was 13!

Vote for Brianna now through November 4, 2016 to send her on the ultimate beauty bold adventure courtesy of European Wax Center®​ + POPSUGAR.