Meet Bianca Fiore, A Girl With A Mission

Name:  Bianca Fiore

Year: Senior

Major: Public Health Science

Hometown: Southington, Connecticut

Q: How did your journey with Terp Thon start?

A: I joined Terp Thon my sophomore year as a member of the Family Relations Committee. I joined right away when I heard about the cause because I always had an interest in pediatric medicine. It was while I was on the Family Relations Committee that I completely fell in love with this organization. I was able to meet so many of our Miracle Families and see first hand the effect that our work has on them. I will never forget being thanked by our Miracle Kids during my first Dance Marathon. My experience during my first year involved motivated me to do more for Terp Thon by becoming the Family Relations Executive Chair.

After my time as the Family Relations Chair, I had no doubt that I wanted to become Executive Director. I wanted to do everything that I could for this organization that has done so much for me. I knew when I joined Terp Thon that I would be making an incredible impact on the lives of so many patients and families, but what I didn’t know is the impact that Terp Thon would have on my life. I think that it is very special that I get to wake up every morning and know that I can positively impact someone's life that day. Terp Thon has completely transformed my college experience and that is why I have continued to give my all to this organization from the second I joined as a sophomore. 

Q: How does it feel to be leading a group of students entrusted with making such a big impact?

A: Being the Executive Director of Terp Thon has been my favorite college experience so far. It is so fun leading a group of some of the most passionate and dedicated people on campus. They inspire me every day and motivate me to do more for this organization. 

Q: What has Terp Thon been able to accomplish thus far?

A: Terp Thon has accomplished a lot since its inception on campus in 2010. Terp Thon is known nationwide among Miracle Network Dance Marathons as one of the fastest growing Dance Marathons due to constant innovation. Last year, Terp Thon raised over $1M, making us the youngest Dance Marathon to ever accomplish such a big milestone.

Q: Tell us about the goal Terp Thon has set to raise this year. What does this represent?

A: Terp Thon has a goal of raising $1.1million this year. We are one campus uniting under one cause to spread awareness for the patients and families at Children’s National. We continue to challenge ourselves to make the biggest impact that we can.

Q: What is Terp Thon doing differently this year from years prior?

A: This year, we are changing our messaging to show campus that we are more than just a fundraising total.  In addition, we have a new ambassador program to encourage more students on campus to take on a bigger leadership role within our organization. Our ambassadors are liaisons between our organization and their own student group/Greek Chapter. 

Q: What message would you like to share with people unfamiliar with Terp Thon?

A: We are so much more than a fundraiser. Yes, we raise money, but we are a year-long movement on campus that inspires hope. This year, we are asking campus to Believe We Are More - more than just a fundraiser, more than just a student organization, more than just a one-day event. We are a movement on campus that is changing lives, not only for the patients at Children's National, but for fellow Terps. This year we have the opportunity to make a bigger impact and change more lives. This year Terps can be more by believing in themselves and believing in our cause.

Q: Please share any tips that come to mind for students trying to start their fundraising efforts.

A: Get creative! The best way to fundraise is to find fun challenges and dares to do for donations. One of my favorite things to do is post embarrassing pictures of myself from middle school in exchange for donations or wear a onesie to class for reaching a fundraising total. 

Q: What legacy do you want to leave as the 2017-2018 Executive Director for Terp Thon?

A: I want to be known for giving campus a reason to believe. I believe that Terp Thon is more and I believe that we can accomplish anything that we set our minds to. We proved that to campus just the other day when we crushed our #1Day100K fundraising push goal, raising over $125K. I want to give campus a reason to keep pushing boundaries and breaking records.