Kelly Dwyer-President of JANUS

Junior History and art major Kelly Dwyer holds a wide variety of positions on campus such as ARHU ambassador, honor ambassador, YSP mentor and director of scholarship for delta gamma. Of course I can’t forget to mention that Dwyer studied abroad in London during the winter term 2014 and in Rome winter term 2015! One of her biggest accomplishments, however, is her willingness to restart Janus, an undergraduate history journal, and become president.

HC: What is Janus?

KD: Janus collects and publishes student history papers. The editorial board reviews and edits the papers that students submit. After the students make edits, the journal is compiled. Our current issue is being reviewed by our advisors!

HC: Why did you start Janus?

KD: I restarted Janus because I think a lot of history majors don't feel that they are given enough opportunities to promote themselves and their research because research in the humanities is so different from what is traditionally considered "research" ie bio research etc

HC: What is your favorite part of Janus?

KD: My favorite part of Janus is the chance to meet other history majors that are as passionate as I am!

HC: Who is a good fit?

KD: People who are interested in history or English should consider applying for the editorial board. The editorial board handles factual and grammatical edits. People interested in computer science or business could apply to be our webmaster or our treasurer. Anyone who has taken a history class should submit their papers for review!

HC: What do you have in store for the upcoming semester?

KD: The upcoming semester will feature a themed journal! We are currently deciding on the theme and should be releasing it soon!

HC: What is your goal for the Janus?

KD: My goal for the club is to get history students more involved in the department and give students the ability to publish themselves professionally

HC: What historical event in the past century do you think has impacted world history the most?

KD: I would like to say the passage of the GI bill was the most important event of the 20th century. It revolutionized the education system in America and therefore caused the entire culture of American society to change. (I'm also writing my thesis about it so I’m biased).