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It’s Not Time to Put Away the Dresses Yet!- How to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe into a Fall Wardrobe!

With the hot summer slowly changing into the cooler fall weather, students around campus are struggling to integrate their summer wardrobes into appropriate weather and classroom attire.

Although most people dread the change from the amazing beach weather of the summer to the cold and windy weather associated with the fall, this change affords people the chance to put the two clothing types together to make trendy outfits for the first signs of fall.

The summer is all about shorts and sundresses, but by the time the fall semester arrives, temperatures have dropped significantly and these staple summer items won’t work on their own anymore.

It’s the time before fall and winter are in full swing, when girls can start mixing the clothes from both seasons for stylish outfits that work for the weather outside. By pairing one of the cute sundresses you lived in this summer with an oversized sweater and boots (maybe even tights if it’s really chilly) or wearing your staple summer top with leggings, cute boots and open denim shirt, girls around campus won’t have to fully mourn the end of summer for a little while longer.

Harper Wayne, a junior journalism and French double major, thinks being able to incorporate her favorite summer items into her fall outfits is a great way to exercise her stylish thought.

“Even though I absolutely hate the cold weather, I love the beginning of fall because I’m able to mix all different aspects of my wardrobe together to make cute, trendy and weather appropriate outfits,” said Wayne.

Although everyone loves their fall sweaters and Uggs once the weather really hits the lower temperatures, for the meantime being able to combine summer and fall wardrobes together is a great way to beat the season changes and look trendy and stylish at the same time.

photo credit: Hannah Chang

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