It’s the Month of T-Swift: Should We Expect a New Album?

October is the month of fall leaves, PSLs, warm scarves and Taylor Swift. Yes, it’s about that time again for TSwift to release another album. Every two years, in the month of October, Taylor blesses our ears with new music. Even her squad member Gigi Hadid has confirmed that TSwift is in the studio working hard on her latest project. So if we can trust Swift’s predictable schedule, then all signs point to #TS6 happening any day now.

Though the album isn’t official, I have scoured the internet for evidence to support my theory, and discovered many convincing clues.

Taylor has been all over the media this past year, from her train wreck relationship with Calvin Harris, to the infamous #KimExposedTaylorParty. As her fans know, Taylor’s drama (particularly her love life) is great material for her music, so she clearly has a bunch to work for her next album.

We can expect her to provide us with plenty of heartbroken songs about love lost, and some not-so-subtle shade thrown at Kimye. Hopefully she even writes a song explaining what that whole “Hiddleswift” relationship was about?

There has been a lot of hype surrounding Taylor’s announcement that she will perform at the Grand Prix in Texas Oct. 22, and has a pre-Super Bowl performance in February. Taylor hasn’t toured since her 1989 World Tour ended in December of 2015. Is it any coincidence that she is doing two big shows in the next few months? Doubtful.

The Grand Prix show could be just the right time to announce a new album, or maybe release a new song. Also, knowing Taylor’s press team, the Super Bowl is too big of an opportunity to pass up on some free album publicity.

The numbers seem to add up in the Taylor Swift album equation. The popstar places a lot of significance on important dates and anniversaries. Even with her usual two-year release, it is also the 10-year anniversary of her music career. Oct. 24, 2006 her album Taylor Swift was released. This is a huge milestone, so it seems unlikely that she’ll let the anniversary pass without some big news.

While Taylor is not usually one to drop an album without heavy promotion, this might just be the career move that would spice things up. She has faced a lot of backlash this year over an attitude many critic have deemed fake due to instances such as the Kanye West “Famous” scandal and the questionable Hiddleswift relationship.

If Taylor wants to take back control and tell her side of the “narrative,” a surprise album just might do the trick. Other artists such as Beyonce and Frank Ocean have received a lot of praise for their surprise reveals. Lord knows TSwift is famous enough to pull the same kind of stunt and still keep fan support.

Even if we don’t get a whole album this month, there is a strong likelihood that Taylor will premiere a new single at one of her upcoming performances. Taylor has been lying low recently, which could mean she is avoiding press and uncomfortable Q&As because she wants to address everything with a surprise album, instead.

We know that she’s been in the studio and has plenty of recent experiences to draw from, so here’s to wishful thinking! I’m definitely ready for #TS6!