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How Stay Warm on a Night Out

Contrary to the current weather situation, Marlyand is typically known for harsh winter weather.  On a winter night out, there is always the dilemma of bringing a jacket and carrying it around all night, or freezing in line for upwards of an hour.  With these cute jackets you will never have to worry about it again! 

Biker Jacket

The classic biker jacket is probably already a staple in your closet.  When you’re headed to Bents throw it on with black jeans and a tank top to brave the long line. If you don’t already have one, you can pick up a cute one at Forever 21!

Trusty Flannel

Thankfully the plaid flannel has been in style for a few years now! Throw a flannel over any outfit when you are headed out and tie it around your waist when you get to your destination!  Flannels come in all different colors, and you can usually get them at the thrift store!!

Faux fur Jacket

This might be a little out of your comfort zone for a party but it is perfect for a fancy night out!  Throw a huge faux fur jacket over your party dress and hit the town.  You’ll be so warm you won’t even care who thinks you’re “extra”.

Oversized Jean Jacket

Jean jackets are back.  Thanks to celebrities like Rihanna, Kim KW and Ariana Grande, oversized distressed jean jackets are a huge trend this winter.  You can get one that has a shearling lining to keep you extra toasty on a cold night out. 


Last but surely not least the trusty fracket. You may be thinking what is a fracket?  It’s simply a frat jacket, a cheap jacket you get at the thrift store.  You can get a warm jacket at a thrift store for less than $10 and then just take it off when you get where you’re going. 



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