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How To Have The Best Friendsgiving: Tips & Tricks

All your high school friends are home on break, and what better way to combine a reunion and a celebration, than with a friendsgiving get-together? Whether you’re a seasoned friendsgiving host or a newbie, here are a few things you should have in order to ensure a celebration worthy of posting about on all your social media!

1. A bomb playlist.

No get-together is truly complete without some good music. So pull up that old Spotify playlist you and your friends used to jam out to, because this will probably be the only time your old Justin Bieber throwbacks will be socially acceptable. Karaoke session anyone?

2. Tasty food, of course.

Food and friendship, what could be better? Answer: nothing. After all, this is one of the few times you and your friends won't be eating dining hall food, so take advantage of it. And if you don't have at least three types of pie, you're doing it wrong. 

3. Games, games and more games. 

Okay, this may seem a little elementary, but I promise it will be fun. Cards against Humanity or Apples to Apples are two great options, but honestly, anything is better than listening to Beth rant about her chemistry professor for hours on end.  

4. A photo booth.

Yes, you can capture all the memories you want on your Snapchat story, but a photo booth is far cuter. Whip out the silly boas and hats, DIY that artsy Pinterest backdrop and get shooting! After all, the best take away you can give your friends is one they can post on their Instagram the next day.  

5. Sharing.

Sharing is most definitely caring, especially when you're not looking to break the bank this friendsgiving. Organize a potluck and call it a day. Besides, you're gonna need that extra cash when Black Friday rolls around.  

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