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How to Cope With The Last Week of The Semester

In college, students are submersed in a world of academia that consequently gives way to all kinds of socializing, mingling and fraternizing. A balance of work and play is what defines college life.
So, with finals amongst us and friends to say goodbye to, how does one handle the final week of the semester? Trap yourself in McKeldin for 24 hours or end the term with a bang?

Putting in difficult studying hours is expected and imperative for a college student, but breaks and rewards are essential, too, as long as they aren’t in excess.“I like to minimize the stress that comes along with finals by spending a few hours a day devoted to studying and a few hours to relax,” says undecided sophomore Daniel Atlas. Atlas values exercising, sleeping, and socializing as essential parts in keeping calm amongst the stress.
He also recognizes the difference between good study habits and reality, an important step in taking on a workload. “Ideally, the best way to prepare for finals week is to review a lecture after every class, starting from the beginning of the semester,” Atlas said. “Unfortunately, I do not know anyone that does this. It seems that life as a student is a constant struggle to divide time between studying, socializing, and sleeping.”

Most students would agree that finals time is grind time for classes, but when it comes down to those last few days, it’s a challenge to block out distractions. In particular, finals week means a semester coming to an end and parting with people you see on a regular basis. “I take school seriously but it’s important to remember that a grade doesn’t mean everything,” Atlas said. “Honestly, I would rather spend my time with my friends.”

Environmental science and technology sophomore Kacie Collins takes a different stance. “Right now it’s more important for me to study because I know that if I don’t pass these classes, I might not be able to come back and see those people at all,” Collins said. “I’m way too stressed out to even consider having anything else as a priority.”
The key to surviving the last week of the semester is balance. Studying is good, but without solid sleep and a little relief, stress can bury your efforts. Going to the gym or out to dinner with friends are good options for study breaks, and sleep is mandatory for quality work. However, there will always be that friend insisting you have no choice but to attend that ugly Christmas sweater party or end of the year bash.

Freshman business finance major Emily Yan is aware of the temptations that may threaten her readiness for finals. “There is a delicate balance,” Yan said. “But it’s easy to let loose and forget about studying.”

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