How to Be Single and Happy During the Holidays


For all of us, this holiday season is desperately needed and it gives us a chance to breathe a huge sigh of relief. We’ll all go home, reunite with loved ones and relish in the holiday spirit but some of us will come home to be bombarded by couples. If you’re not a part of that couple adorableness, the holidays can feel like a lonely time but just because you’re not taken doesn’t mean that your holiday spirit should be diminished! There are a few key things that you need to remember during the holiday season if you’re going to be happy around all that insufferable couple cuteness. 

First, remember that you don’t need no man (or woman) to make you happy! Your happiness should never be placed in the hands of someone else, because they will always drop it. That’s a huge cliché strewn across the pages of too many tumblrs but, hey, it definitely has truth to it!

 Instead of focusing on all your friends that are in relationships focus instead on yourself! Maybe you’ve been eyeing a pair of super cute but really pricey boots for a while now and you just haven’t been able to bring yourself to buy them. Well, the holiday season is the best time to spoil yourself! Retail therapy can go a long way when you’re feeling a little blue during the season.  Those sales are meant for you to gift to yourself, not others.

Do some cooking! OK so maybe you’re not the greatest chef in the family but there is no better time to start! This is the time when all of your family members are whipping out their best recipes. Hang around the kitchen for a bit and ask your grandma if you can help her with the ham! Trust me, she’s not going to turn down a helping hand. Just do your best not to set anything too important on fire.

Play catch up. Finish the rest of the Mad Men series, you know it’ll be worth it and you’ll be in for no surprises when Game of Thrones comes back this coming spring. That also means you need to catch up on Scandal. I know you’re tired of avoiding all social media platforms Thursday nights. Kerry Washington is a goddess amongst all women, and she wants to bestow her grace upon you.

Lastly, revel in the company of your friends and family. You don’t get to see them very often when you’re on campus and they really do miss you terribly. Strike up a stimulating conversation with your dad and do your best to be nice to your brother. That friend from high school that you constantly promise you will hang out with...hang out with her! You’re going to have nothing but time during the holiday season, enjoy it while you can because soon enough you’ll be packing up and heading for CP again.