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How To Adjust to the Cold: A Few Necessities

For the most part, Maryland is usually cold during the winter. This year, however, February has blessed us with some pretty warm weather now and then. Still, no matter how warm it gets, the cold always seems to sneak up on us again. Since the majority of students at UMD would probably agree that they could use a little more heat in their winter, we’ve created a guide to help you survive the cold by wearing the right winter gear.   

What to wear:

  1. The infinity scarf – I am not lying when I tell you that I own over ten different infinity scarves. Not only do they match with any outfit, even in springtime, but they more importantly keep your neck warm. And what’s most convenient and unique about infinity scarves over other scarves is that they can double up as a head wrap in the coldest and windiest days of winter.


  1. Earmuffs – When people say that most of your warmth comes from your head, they are 100% accurate. Forgetting your earmuffs is probably one of the worst decisions you can make on a cold, winter day. They keep your head warm, which in turn, warms your entire body on a higher level. Some earmuffs even double up as Bluetooth headphones, so you can choose to play music on those long, windy walks to class.
  1. Tall boots – Many people underestimate the importance in wearing taller boots. Your jeans might be warm, but boots on top of those jeans will keep out any bit of cold weather. Short boots might sometimes be more fashionable, but the longer the boot, the warmer your leg will be. Comfort over fashion! Always.
  1. Fuzzy socks – Something I never leave the house without during the winter. When your feet are happy, the rest of your body is happy. They come in all different colors and designs, some fashionable and some crazy bizarre, but all equally warm and cozy. Nothing screams warmth in winter like a pair of fuzzy socks.
  1. Mittens or gloves – Everyone living in a cold climate has made the huge mistake of forgetting a pair of mittens while rushing out of the house. Trying to keep your hands tucked into your pockets just isn’t sufficient when the weather is cold enough to turn your hands into balls of snow. Leave your mittens or gloves by the front door or tuck them into the pockets of your coat so that you never forget them again. And get a pair with fur lining on the inside. Your hands will thank me later.

These articles of clothing are not just trendy…they are necessities. If you own one of each, the cold might not be too overwhelming this winter and you may even forget how far away summer is. By making your own warmth through fashion, you might just say, “the cold never bothered me anyway!”   


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