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Hot PInk Makes a Color Comeback in 2022

From Barbiecore to Florence Pugh to block-heeled sandals, the shade of pink on trend this year is both hot and hot.

Pantone, a color matching system, named “Veri-Peri” as the color of the year as last December, yet may need to reconsider their choice. Looking back on trends from this year, hot pink easily should be 2022’s color of the year.

This fun fashion trend has slowly made a comeback for the past few years as a Y2K barbie-inspired trend, even making its way into high fashion.

Actress Florence Pugh wore a hot pink tulle gown to a Valentino show this summer, sparking significant backlash.

The dress, being sheer on top, was a bold move in itself. It was only fitting to match this piece with another bold choice, the perfect color. Not only was Pugh’s body positivity message loud and clear, but so was her stunning dress.

Hot pink was all over Valentino’s Fall and Winter wear show this year, from jackets and heels, to dresses like Pugh’s, which could be seen as more of a feminine, trendy play on Valentino’s signature color, red.

In more common fashion, the color became popular in summer swimwear and sandals this year.

Block heeled sandals, like the Jeffrey Campbell and Dolce Vita, were seen all over Instagram and TikTok— Most popularly in bright colors, like the daring hot pink.

As the year moves into colder months, we’ll likely start to see hot pink jackets and blazers become more popular. For those who want to hop on the trend in a more subtle way, a pink purse or jewelry will give that same bold statement. 

With the constant rise of reclaiming femininity, hot pink will not be going anywhere for a while. Barbiecore is here to stay.

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