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Hats Off to November- Four Different Styles for the Season

Hats are completely undeniable this season. Not only are they dominating the pages of fashion magazines, but every celebrity is flouncing them around. Until I saw Kelly Rowland wearing a big floppy hat in a performance for an award show, I had always thought they were either worn to: a) Conceal a bad hair day or b) Keep warm. But they have certainly evolved into one of the biggest fashion statements of the year.

It’s big, it’s glamorous and it’s bold.  What I’m talking about is the floppy hat. We’ve all seen this staple atop the fabulous heads of Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Simpson. It’s a boho-chic accessory that embraces the maximal trend that is currently ruling fashion.
According to Gigi Burris, a milliner who was interviewed by Glamourmagazine.com. this 70’s style brimmed hat is one of the freshest this season.
But is this trend appropriate for a college girl? Though I understand that it may be a slightly obnoxious obstruction in the classroom, it is still super hip! So for those who want to work the flop on a school day, try to aim for a hat with a smaller brim. There is certainly a happy medium!


The French influenced beret is showing up again this season. According to Burris, an oversized beret is one style that every girl should have in her wardrobe. It is a great accessory for both the fall and winter.
Though the beret is one of my favorite hats to wear during this season, I must admit that they aren’t much for keeping your head warm. With that warning given, I think this hat would be a great accessory for Thanksgiving dinner!
Now, for a hat that is guaranteed to protect your noggin from that bitter winter air that’s just around the corner, we have the trapper. This classic winter go-to has been around for decades. And as long as the cold is biting, we’ll keep on wearing it.

“The basic concept is a hat that is lined with fur or shearling and has flaps that come down over your ears to keep them warm,” according to Glamourmagazine.com.  
Of course, for those who maybe don’t want to wear a hat as bold as the trapper, the beanie is a must. These simple knits are a trendy way to keep warm while trekking to class.

They “balance practicality with winter chic,” according to Vogue U.K. (Vogue.co.uk). Some of these hats are adorned with a pom-pom at the top, while others just have simple knit patterns.
While the beret and floppy hat fight the battle against bad hair, the trapper and beanie confront the frosty air. Have fun with these looks and use them to enhance your everyday outfits. Use hats to add a pop of color to a look or use a neutral topper to tone down a vibrant one. With these fabulous, multipurpose accessories, we will tackle the incoming cold weather and unruly locks in style!

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