Halloween: Then and Now

Then: Your mom usually tried to coordinate your costume with your sibling. (or even your pets)

Now: You coordinate costumes with your roommates, friends, and significant others!


Then: You dressed up like witches, superheroes, movie characters, devil, angel, clown, etc.

Now: You might be dressing up as the same characters, but with a different edge.


Then: You made your costumes very elaborate.

Now: Anything can pass for a costume & DIY is your best friend!


Then: Trick-or-treating after school and all candy was collected by bedtime at 9pm.

Now: You’re getting ready for the pregame at 9pm.


Then: Halloween was one magical night of the year.Now: “Halloweekend” is a most appropriate name for the holiday (maybe even Hallo-week?)


Then: You were super pumped about your one costume and wore that one to school, trick-or-treating, and any other Halloween parties. (and you worked it!)Now: You would rather drop dead than have someone see you in the same costume on Thursday and Friday night.


Then: Halloweentown was your favorite Halloween movie.

Now: You love Halloweentown even more than when you were little.