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Photo Credit: President’s Promise of UMD

            As the semester comes to an end and finals come around the corner students at the University of Maryland have one thing on their mind: how can I work more over the summer?

            Whether or not students like it, summer is prime time to enhance resumes with jobs and internships. Perhaps one of the most prominent ways people learn of job opportunities is through word of mouth. Freshman psychology major Gabby Ellsworth knows first hand just how important that is.

            “ My cousin actually found out that they were building a new Nordstrom Rack in Columbia, Maryland and told me to apply. So I did it,” Ellsworth said.

            After a “very long” interview process, Ellsworth is now an employee at the new store and says she is, “ super excited.”

            “ I would say that it’s important to keep your eye out for something that’s available. Even if it doesn’t catch your interest right away, you should give it a shot because everything is a learning experience and you’ll never know what you can get from it unless you try,” she said.

            Sophomore communications major Elisa Edelberg agrees, explaining that between applying for multiple job positions and using her connections, she was able to secure a summer internship with popular fashion magazine Harpers Bazaar.

            “Depending on the field or location that you’re looking in there may be a ton of people responding to job postings so the next step is to look at your network and try to build it and use any connections you have,” she said.

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            It seems she may be on to something. According to SnagaJob.com’s article, “ How to Get a Summer Job”, asking around is one of your best options. The article explains, “ You never know when knowing someone will lead to a job.”

            “ Although they can’t usually guarantee anything they can help get your resume to the top of the pile so to speak”, Edelberg explained.

            Although connections are often one of the most successful ways in which college students land internship experience, the power of the internet can often be a useful tool.

            Besides using FaceBook and LinkedIn to contact family and friends for possible connections, the University of Maryland student had other suggestions for finding summer work.

            “ In terms of finding the positions to apply for there are a lot of sites such as Indeed.com and Idealist.com and then of course your university college career site if you have that available to you,” she explained.

            In fact, the University of Maryland prides itself on it’s Career Center and the President’s Promise, which says that every student on this campus will have the chance for personal growth and that the university has staff to help students select the best opportunities for them. There is also Careers4Terps, an online database of jobs and internships available for students.

            Finding jobs and internships can be a tedious task. But with the right connections and research skills, you may be in luck. Besides, the University of Maryland promises.

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