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Greek Week: A Great Success

          Greek Week, a long-lasting tradition at the University of Maryland, ended roughly a week ago after seven days of fraternities and sororities coming together for a fun and competitive way of getting to know one another.

            The week consists of each fraternity being paired with a sorority for a weeklong schedule of activities with one another.  In addition, the entire Greek community came together for some of those activities.
           Once each fraternity and sorority is matched up, as a duo they are assigned a theme based on the overall theme of that particular year.  This year’s theme was television networks such as ABC, NBC, the Food Network and Animal Planet.

            During Greek Week, the matchups had a social for each night of the week.  The socials were conducted at fraternity members’ houses and had different themes as well.

            Aside from socialzing between the Greek match-ups, during the day, events such as olympics took place on frat row where the matchups faced off against other matchups in all different types of sports ranging from kickball to volleyball.

            “This year, we were matched up with [Kappa Alpha Theta] (Theta),” said Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi) senior Marshall Pollack.  “They were a great matchup and the week was definitely a success.”

            AEPi and Theta’s theme was ABC network.

            An aspect of the week that made it more special than other Greek life events was the fact that the fraternities and sororities spend so much time together that they cultivate friendships in a very short period of time.  The fact that they were randomly matched up allowed them to meet people outside their social circles.
           The most emphasized part of the week was “skits” which consisted of performances by the matchups at Cole Field House front of the entire Greek life community.

            The Phi Sigma Sigma (Phi Sig) sorority was matched up with Lamda Chi Alpha and Sigma Alpha Epsilon because they are big sorority and those two fraternities are a bit smaller.  Their theme was NBC and performed a skit with a Saturday Night Live feel to it.

            “It was fun making a banner and getting to show it to all the other frats and sororities,” said Phi Sig freshman Becky Warman.

            The Kappa Delta sorority and the Delta Chi fraternity had the Food Network as their theme. During their skits, they brought food to life and dressed up as different types of foods.

            Greek week ended just like every year with banners put up in Cole field house for each group and new relationships fostered and hopefully maintained.

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