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Giant Improvement for Terps




            If you’re like me, groceries go a little like this: you go grocery shopping, stock up on delicious, healthy fruits and vegetables, and promptly devour them in a grand total of four days. And then you skate your way through another two weeks on packages of rice noodles and cans of tuna until your entire existance craves a bite of something green and fresh.

            But fear not, my fellow Terps, because SGA has stepped up their game and is providing a charter bus to Giant for campus residents. This desperately-needed service will be available Saturdays and Sundays from 12 to 4 p.m. from April 20 until May 12.

            If you don’t have a car and you’re sick of bugging all of your friends for rides, make sure to take up the free offer! I know it’s almost blashphemous for a college student to say, but perhaps we’ll be able to fit some extra vitamins into our diets before we turn to our ol’ faithfuls (I’m looking at you, canned tuna).

            “I usually wait until one of my friends who has a car is going,” said junior hearing and speech major Addie Mandelbaum. “It’s inconvenient and sort of stressful to depend on others and also not seem needy for a ride.”

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           While the initiative was created to fill a huge demand, junior psychology major Nini Goldberg thinks it’s too little too late.

            “Honestly, I don’t think it’s all that helpful. They implemented it at the end of the semester so everyone has [a way to] somehow figure out how to eat. I think starting it in the fall would be more successful,” Goldberg said.

            Goldberg has a car on campus and often provides rides for friends who need to get to a store. “Yes, people ask me for rides and I don’t mind,” she said.

            Even though there are plenty of willing friends out there, no girl wants to seem needy or put her friends out of their way to help out. But (breaking news) a girl needs to eat.

            “I would absolutely consider using the charter bus service,” said Mandelbaum. “I was really excited to find out that SGA was doing that. I just haven’t needed it yet.”


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