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Get to Know the VP of Media for UMD CHAARG: Alison!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Maryland chapter.

April is a stressful time for college students. It is made up of projects, papers, job and internship interviews, away weekends, formals and all the other activities that jam up our time. It is important to take some time for self care and remember to take special care of our selves.

One club on campus that helps college girls to do this is CHAARG, a club whose mission is to promote body positivity and self-love through fitness CHAARG spreads happiness all over the country at more than 50 colleges.

I had the pleasure of learning more about Alison Venooker, a junior Psychology and Communication double major who is the Vice President of Media for UMD CHAARG. Here’s more about what CHAARG means to her and why everyone should try it out!

What does the CHAARG mission mean to you?

CHAARG means so much to me. It means a place where I can meet girls with similar values and make new friends. It also means a place where I can try new workouts in a no judgement zone.

Why do you think CHAARG is so important for college girls to have in their lives?

The habits we form now are the ones we will have for the rest of our lives. I believe it is so important for college girls to incorporate health and fitness into their lives now.​

How has CHAARG impacted your life?

CHAARG has impacted my life in so many ways. I met my best friends in CHAARG and have found new workouts that I love. 

What are your favorite things about CHAARG?

I love trying the new workouts every week. I have tried workouts like Belly Dancing, Tae Bo, and Cardio Kickboxing through CHAARG.

Why should girls join CHAARG?

Girls should join CHAARG to meet new girls that will help them find their best selves.

What are some exciting things to look forward to next semester?

There are so many exciting things to look forward to next semester. We will have new workouts, exciting socials, and so much more!

As the VP of Social Media why do you think the Member Monday posts are so important?

Member Monday posts are so important to the UMD CHAARG. Every week we highlight one of our amazing members who has been vital to CHAARG. Member Mondays show the girl that they are important.

Especially with the amount of negativity spread around social media, it is hard to feel happy and secure with your body. CHAARG is meant to liberate girls from the slump of dreading the weight room and feeling like they are limited to the elliptical. The gym should be a fun place to explore and learn just how strong you are. Joining CHAARG helps girls to make friends who like what they do and to build a support system centered around becoming the best version of themselves they can be, inside and out.​

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