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The hottest thing this festival season is not going to be scorching heat waves or sweaty crowds, but the metallic tattoo craze known as Flash Tattoos.

“Flash Tats” are beautiful jewelry-inspired tattoos; perfect for the beach, pool, parties and concerts, not only for being eye-catching, but also for being lightweight. No need for adjusting and no worries about losing jewelry. Just apply it onto your bronzed goddess skin and you’re good to go!

Another feature of Flash Tats that has attracted celebrities, stylists and bloggers is their customization. Similar to temporary tattoos, Flash Tats are packaged individually, allowing one to create their own design and adorn any body placement of their choice.

Flash Tats can be bought from the official Flash Tattoos site but are sold in a wide range of retail stores, including Target.

Here are some Flash Tat placements to give you ladies some inspiration. Get creative, and before you know it, you’ll look Pinterest-perfect for the summer!

All photos are from FlashTat.com

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