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Five Shows to Binge Watch During Spring Break

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Maryland chapter.

Not all of us will get the amazing opportunity to travel to some tropical oasis during spring break. Some of us will be stuck at home doing absolutely nothing. Instead of wasting your week away by watching old reruns, turn your attention to something a little more mentally stimulating. These shows are killer and absolutely binge-worthy. 

Bottom line: Time to find your next favorite obsession. 

1. Breaking Bad

You knew it was going to be on here and you knew it was going to be first. Yes, the show has ended but this show is going to go down in history. It will define our generation. You’ve heard so much about it and everyone who has seen it tells you its the greatest show ever made and to be honest, they’re NOT lying. Jump on the bandwagon and start watching this show. Almost all of the episodes are on Netflix so now you know you have no excuse. 


2. Game of Thrones


You knew this was going to be on here too, there’s no way it wasn’t making it on to the list. This show is based off the award winning A Song of Ice and Fire book series and if Fantasy is your go-to genre, this show is absolutely perfect for you. It’s got magic and mystical creatures and it’s set in a made up world that greatly resembles our Middle Ages. There are devious queens and evil princes but there are also noble lords and selfless ladies. The plot is beautifully complex but once you’ve started you’re hooked for life. 

3. House of Cards



House of Cards is making big headlines as of late. It’s a Netfilx exclusive show, so again you have no reason not to watch it. The show is set in present-day Washington D.C. and stars Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright and Kate Mara. The show follows the life of House Majority Whip Frank Underwood after he gets passed up for being appointed Secretary of State. Underwood plots and schemes his way through two seasons making sure nothing and no one stands in his way of exacting revenge on his enemies. 

4. Scandal

Speaking of Washington, D.C., Scandal is another show that takes place right here in our own back yard. Honestly, the title says it all. This show is filled with nothing but scandal. Olivia Pope’s job is to ensure that she prevents high profile scandals from making an appearance but nevertheless she always seems to be involved in some kind of juicy scandal herself. She is without a doubt the most flawless character to ever grace our TV sets. The show’s dialogue is superb and instantly addicting. Watch one episode and you’ll instantly fall in love with Olivia Pope and her gladiators. 

5. Suits


Suits just came back on March 6 and already this half of the season has started out with a bang. This show and every single one of its characters is BEAUTIFUL. Each character is brilliant in his or her own way and they are all so captivating. The show focuses on the dynamic duo of Harvey Specter and Mike Ross. Harvey is a lawyer that never loses a case. Mike Ross is an associate with an eidetic memory and a big secret. These two are unstoppable and they’ll do anything to win.