Everything You Need to Know about the New ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Everyone is on the edge of their seats in anticipation of Disney’s live action “Beauty and the Beast.” We have been hopelessly waiting for this movie since development started in 2014, and we just can not wait any longer. Luckily the wait is almost over! Walt Disney Pictures’ “Beauty and the Beast” comes out  Friday March 17, and from the what we can seen from the trailer...it is going to be amazing! Of course nothing written by Steven Chbosky, author of Perks of Being a Wallflower, can be disappointing, so we will continue to wait a little longer for its release. In the meantime, here is everything you need to know in preparation for the movie.

The Cast

All of these actors are so perfect for their roles I do not know how it could get any better. I do not think it is possible for there to be a more perfect person to play Belle than Emma Watson. From her looks to her righteous attitude she is the perfect Belle. Pining over Belle is Gaston who is played by Luke Evans. Seriously, who could be more fitting? From the Welsh accent to his lovely hair, Evans is Gaston without even trying. Of course, the most important man in the story is the Beast played by Dan Stevens who we have come to love in “Legion,” and missed terribly when he left “Downton Abbey.” I have confidence he will not let us down as the infamous Beast. Finally, Josh Gad will always be Olaf in our hearts, however his role in “Beauty and the Beast” as Lefou suits him well. As the goofy, misfit sidekick to the suave Gaston, Gad gives the role the funny side needed in the movie. The best part however, is that Lefou is openly gay in the film marking the first homosexual character in a Disney film! This is a great breakthrough for Disney and children’s films everywhere.

The Music

Don’t worry all of your favorite classics such as “Be Our Guest” and “Beauty and the Beast” are still in the movie, actually the entire Oscar winning original score is still being used—even the composer Alan Menken is the same! However, it is even better than before. The 2017 film has a remake of the 1991 original song “Beauty and the Beast” redone by none other than Ariana Grande and John Legend.  Even more, Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson who sang the original 1991 “Beauty and the Beast” will sing a new original song “How Does a Moment last Forever.”From the star-studded cast to the beautiful music, we know this movie is not going to disappoint. The only question is…can we wait any longer?!?! The movie opens March 17, but let’s be honest, we have been preparing for this our whole lives.