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A European Spring Break: How to Dress Accordingly


While spring break in the US consists of a beach in Mexico, an array of cute bathing suits and some sort of colorful drink with an umbrella in it, spring break abroad is a whole different thing.

Most abroad students in central Europe flock to Portugal and Spain when they’re given a 10-day break from their 4-month vacation from reality. These two locations are prime for spring break due to their beautiful scenery and most likely beach weather, with the added bonus of an amazing nightlife.
One main locale for spring break in Portugal is Lagos, located on the southern-most tip of the country. However, most students also go to Barcelona or Seville in Spain to relax, tour the city and hopefully spend an afternoon getting tan on the beach.

When going to these amazing destinations, a proper wardrobe, including current spring trends, must be planned and packed ahead of time. No spring break abroad is complete without a variety of graphic tees. Though the term graphic tee usually involves something on the shirt, neon or plain yet trendy shirts, work just as well in this situation.
These types of shirts can be found at Urban Outfitters or like those made by Chaser. These shirts are often paired with jeans or leggings and either any color pair of Toms or combat boots, if it is a little cooler out that day.

The spring break in Spain look is not complete, however, without some sort of leather jacket or army green jacket and a stylish bag to hold all your essentials for the day. Another great thing about spring break in these warm climates is the added bonus of getting to break out your sunglasses for the entire week.

Whether you’re still wearing your winter coat in Prague or have switched into transition clothes in Italy, this European spring break is about getting tan, having fun and looking trendy while doing it.



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