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Enjoy the Little Things: Pre-Graduation Bucket List

You ever have those days where you find yourself reminiscing about all the awkward, crazy, fun, horrible and amazing moments you had in college? Those fond memories of finding that some creep stole a few of your underwear pairs while they were in the dryer, having a whopping $1.67 in your bank account, showering when the fire alarm goes off, falling in and out of love — with the same person, failing or finally passing a class, meeting the besties, stocking up on Four Loko before the recall, and hopefully, discovering your passions.

It’s mind-blowing how fast time flies in college —  the few years in our lives that we wish would slow down, except during midterms and finals week of course.

But what about the little activities that we often take for granted once we leave? Those experiences that make you go, “Ah, I wish I had done that! I don’t know why I didn’t.” In loving memory of the preciousness of time and that lame feeling of regret, I present a simple bucket list of random activities you should do before you graduate.

Sneak into the Stadium

This is illegal, right? Well then you didn’t hear this one from me (insert winky face). College life can become extremely repetitive — go to class, eat, nap, (go to work), eat, Facebook, procrastinate, homework, sleep. And you do it all over again the next day. What’s more exciting than doing something different, risky, spontaneous and adventurous? Imagine being with your really good friends playing around (responsibly, of course) and enjoying a huge space all to yourself to just be ridiculous. Now, that’s a memory none of you will ever forget.

Zumba Class

I’m sure many of us ladies have had the pleasure of checking out a Zumba class, especially since its popularity has increased. For those who haven’t, you’re missing out. If you’re not fond of the typical gym experience and want to engage in exercise where you’ll not only burn calories from dancing your butt off, but also from laughing so hard, then check it out. Even if you don’t like to exercise, it’s still tons of fun filled with popping the booty, shaking the hips, getting low, belly dancing and listening to some popular dance hits. And while you’re still in school, it’s free!

Warning: Get used to seeing a group of male students stare into the class as they walk past, pretending to head to the weightlifting room.

Language House Activities

Have you always wanted to practice your foreign language skills or learn a new language, but could never squeeze it into your class schedule? Go to the Language House on-campus, which usually hosts a number of events throughout each month, like an International Coffee House event. These activities allow students to interact with international students and American students who are fluent in and/or are learning different languages. Meeting international and/or multi-lingual friends while learning a language, parlez-vous heck yeah?!

Watch a Free Movie at the Campus Theater

So many of us don’t take advantage of this enough. Occasionally being broke is just part of the college life and those bootleg movies we love to watch so much can give our computers viruses, so this is the next best thing.

Though the free movies are generally a few years older, they still make for a great, memorable night out with the ladies or with a special someone. Also, it’s conveniently on-campus and it’s free. After you graduate, the world will continue to remind you that most things in life aren’t free. And free movies at the theaters in the real world sure aren’t, so take advantage of it while you can.

Sit Under a Tree on the Mall

People who lounge and nap under the trees on the mall make it look like the most peaceful and connect-with-nature experience ever. On a beautiful sunny day, I can’t blame them. Relaxing on the mall is that cheesy movie moment where you ponder and think about everything. You can people watch, daydream, do some last-minute homework and listen to music. It allows you to take a quick break from the busy day and just be calm and breath.

Visit Near-by Major Cities

If you attend a school that’s near a major city, go! There’s nothing worse than feeling like you can’t ever get away from school, other college students, teachers, speeding bicycles and the like. Adventure is only a shuttle bus ride, train ride or car ride away. Explore the world outside of your universe-ity.

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