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Delta Delta Delta: An Interview With Kate Maloney

Living with 60+ sorority girls isn’t always easy, but Kate Maloney makes it look like a breeze. Juggling a full-time job for UMD's Recreation and Wellness and her position at Delta Delta Delta, she has found that living in a sorority house has given her new insight into the “college experience."

Q: Describe your job and usual daily tasks at RecWell.

I am the Assistant Director of Communications & Marketing at University Recreation & Wellness (RecWell). I manage our website, blog, social media, social marketing campaigns, media relations, [and] student outreach team, and supervise our full-time graphic designer.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of working at RecWell? The most challenging?

RecWell has a great, positive workplace environment -- they really value their employees and are supportive of flexible work-life arrangements. We are encouraged to live well just like we encourage students to live well. I also enjoy working alongside our truly incredible and talented student employees who really create a special Active Terp community at Maryland. 

The most challenging aspect of my job is trying to break through the noise on such a large campus to reach students with our message. There is so much exciting stuff happening at UMD -- it can be tough to get students' attention. 

Q: How would you describe what it’s like being a sorority house director?

As a fun, crazy ADVENTURE full of surprises - sometimes unpleasant surprises like pulling back my shower curtain to a tub full of backed up sewage - true story, a lot of women living under one roof means a lot of hair going down the shower drains - but mostly, pleasant surprises like coming home to someone selling edible cookie dough on the front lawn or fresh flowers as a gift for Mothers day (as a "house mom" and new "dog mom").

Q: What does your work as house director entail?

Ensuring a safe and comfortable living environment --- living in the chapter house full-time, overseeing all housekeeping, maintenance and repair needs in the facility, providing emergency support, managing house access and assisting with move-in/move-out.

Q: What do you like and dislike about being a house director?

Like - coming home to a house full of smart, kind, and funny women each night! The delicious food our chef makes, having lots of great pet-sitters around for my dog Charlie who loves the attention (she is so spoiled!).

Dislike - the turnover. Just when I start to really get to know the house, it's time for everyone to move out! It's also really quiet and lonely over winter and summer break - I'm always ready for them to come back home! They'd live here year-round if I had it my way.

Q: What is the most rewarding thing?

Getting to know the women I live with. I love being a small part of their college experience and sharing a home with them. 

Q: What advice would you offer someone considering this career?

To have reasonable expectations - you are living with a house full of college students, after all! ... and to be OK with a never-ending to-do list. There's always something new that needs fixing ... 

Q: What is a common misconception people have about what you do?

That it's always loud and there's lots of "drama" I have to deal with -- it's really not like that!

Q: What are your goals and dreams for the future both professionally and personally?

Professionally - get my graduate degree in higher education or student affairs.

Personally - tackle my travel bucket list! I have two trips planned so far for 2018 - a solo trip to London over spring break and sailing in Greece with a friend in June.

Junior writer for the University of Maryland. Roll Terps!
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