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Daywear and Nightwear Collide!

When the year is new, the nights are warm, and the academic stress hasn’t yet set in, we are all focused on how to look our best both in class and on the night scene!  Luckily for those of us who are on that minimal college budget, there are a few staples that can be used for class AND for those fun nights out!
Night to Day
Tank Dress: We all have that go-to tank dress that is body-hugging, yet easy for partying at night! Now we can wear that same dress during daytime! Don’t worry though, there is a way to make it more appropriate for the classroom. Remember that crop top we parted ways with when summer ended? It can now see the light of day again when layered over our tank dresses! This creates a nice contrast between loose and snug, which is more acceptable for daytime. Sheer or knitted tops also layer well while still revealing some of the dress underneath!

Day to Night
Button-Up: Nothing says, “I am a hardworking student” like a preppy button up. Its simple and clean appeal makes it perfect for school. However, we can create a hot and unexpected look by tucking the blouse into our typical black high-waisted skirts. Belt the skirt and add a statement piece necklace for extra pizzazz!

Day to Night
Shorts: When the weather is still at its peak, and the leaves on the trees of McKeldin Mall have not fallen yet, we all strut to class in our weather-appropriate shorts. The brighter the shorts the more suitable they are for nightlife! Top it off with a fun graphic tee or classic lace frock, slip on your best wedges and you’re good to go!

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